I am available for Freelance and Commission work!

Send me a note, leave a comment, or email me at   roxypolk(at)gmail.com   if you want to commission me or hire me for freelance work.
Freelance work is discussed on a case by case basis for price, length of the project, and for contract negotiations.

I do freelance for:
-COMICS     examples: http://www.roxypolk.com/#/comics/
-ILLUSTRATIONS    examples: http://www.roxypolk.com/#/illustration/
-CHARACTER DESIGN     examples: http://www.roxypolk.com/#/characterdesign/
-STORYBOARDS     examples: http://bit.ly/QYVivf , http://bit.ly/TbdEsQ
-WEB DESIGN     example: http://www.transposeoperator.com/

For commissions use this handy guide to tell me what you want for a character or illustration:
1. Normal character? Chibi character?
2. Head shot? Bust? Full body?
3. Background?
4. Pencil? Lineart? Gray tone or Single Color? Full color?
5. Is this your original Character? Is this Fan art? - SEND REFERENCE or DESCRIPTION!
6. More than 1 character?
7. Any extra info you think I need for the project?

You can also commission comic projects from me! Email me at    roxypolk(at)gmail(dot)com    and let me know:
1.How many pages? Cover art?
2.Pencils? Inks?
3.Black and White? Gray tone? Single Color? Full Color?
4.Do you have your own script?

I will give you a pricing guide for your specific project after you let me know the details.

PAYMENT: PAYPAL (if you need other options let me know)

I will start your project WHEN PAYMENT IS RECEIVED unless we have worked out a specific payment plan.

If you have any other questions about working with me just ask and I will be more than happy to answer them.

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