Thursday, August 23, 2018

Detroit Become Human fanzine artwork!

I'm working on several zine submissions for the This is Our Story, Detroit Become Human fanzine. I'm doing an illustration, and merch like keychains and buttons. Here's some of the in-process work for it!

For the illustration i came up with 2 different ideas. I also wanted to utilize the language of flowers with this too, so they're included in both ideas.

I ended up going with the 2nd one, it's not finished yet but i'll post the finalized version when it's done! I might eventually do the 1st one too as I really like the concept. the 1st one was about the dichotomy of player choice and how you can shape Connor as a cold machine or an emotional individual depending on your choices. the 2nd one is about the emotional journey of becoming self aware and Connor embracing his individualism and life separate from Cyberlife.

For the keychains I also had 2 different ideas, a chibi version and a more realistic version. These are going to be rubber keychains as well and it's the first time I've done merchandise in rubber.

While I like the realistic ones, the chibi ones were the obvious choice.

I actually finished these, so here they are in their final state:
working on these was really similar to working on enamel pins. I'm both excited and nervous to see how these turn out in the final. I had to work with a limited color palette so while I would have liked to use more colors, everyone is limited. It made me think about the coloring process differently too.

I'm also doing a set of buttons, one of Marcus and one of Carl, so they'll be a matching set. I'll post those when they're done too.

anyway, I hope you like this little preview. The zine website is here:

and they'll be posting news on how to acquire the zine once it's done. I'll be posting stuff online about it as well so you don't miss out!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

4 new prints up on my etsy!

I have updated my etsy store with 4 new prints!

All of these mini-print postcards are availiable now! They're $5 each and are in a limited quantity spread between my online shop and cons.

you can visit my etsy shop HERE!