Sunday, January 28, 2018

Panacea is available on Etsy!

My comic, Panacea, is now available for purchase on my etsy! CLICK HERE TO GO TO MY STORE.
 Look for both comics AND prints and postcards on my etsy.

The story:
"Panacea is a comic about Kanna, a young girl living in an isolated island village. On the day of a festival, Kanna leaves to walk the beach and spend some time alone. While on the beach she encounters a mysterious and horrifying creature who's search has brought him to her village. The creature tells her that the adults are hiding a terrible secret and he needs her help."

I hope you'll enjoy the journey that Kanna and Larakes take together, there is some gore so please be aware of this if you are buying it for someone under 13 years old.

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