Monday, September 18, 2017

Etsy Store!

I now have an etsy store! I'm currently selling postcards and prints and will be selling more later.

The store name is RoxBoxStudio, go take a gander for yourself!

I'm super happy to have a place to sell my work outside of cons, so take a look, and if you see something that strikes your fancy, buy it from me! :3

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Rose City Comic Con 2017!

I tabled at RCCC this year and had a blast! I met a ton of great people, including online friends who I had never met IRL before, and made some new friends too! Not to mention I just got to see a lot of  awesome work by awesome people, and sell my own stuff.

Here was my booth set up:
I shared the table with Mel Ujimori! you can check out her website to see more of her awesome work:

Since the postcards I made double as mini-prints I framed the series of 3 Nier Automata images I did. I also found some LED candles with prints that match the patterns of the Yorha uniforms and put them in front of the pictures... it ended up looking like a memorial, LOLOLOLOLOL

And in an amazing twist of fate someone named Panacea stopped by my table and bought a copy of Panacea and we got a picture together! SUPER COOL!

I did a sketch commission of an Xmen character as well that was super fun to do!

I printed a bunch of postcards to sell as well, this was my whole lineup:
I completely sold out of the Tali post cards, and ALMOST sold out of the Garrus ones. I'm gonna be doing a series of postcards for Mass Effect to match the new Garrus one I did, so I'll be redesigning the Tali and Liara ones, as well as doing a Wrex, Fem Shep and Bro Shep ones too. I'll probably do more characters later too but time will tell :)

Overall it was a super fun show, and I'm super glad I did it! Not sure if I'll be tabling next year as they're upping the table price and changing it back to a 2-day show. I'll be doing more shows next year and will keep you all in the loop about it. Next year is gonna be great!