Thursday, August 10, 2017

Tankadere Daring Dames available for purchase!

Heya everyone!

Tankadere Daring Dames is now available for purchase on my store! It's an anthology featuring all leading female characters. I have an 8-page short story in this book, and am alongside a bunch of super talented artists! check it out and pick yourself up a copy!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Shop launch & Panacea for sale online!

The shop is now live!

My very first item is my comic, Panacea. Previously the only place to buy this comic was from me at a comic convention, but I wanted to make it available for anybody who was interested in it!

The comic is $10, with shipping within the US being $5, and shipping outside the US being $10.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Commissions sale!

I'm moving in the next few months, which means a lot of unexpected new expenses for me, and due to this I'm having a special commissions sale!
Help me out and get yourselves some cool art!

I'm doing simple color headshots for $30, and full color bust shots for $50!

you can twitter DM me or email me at roxypolk(@)

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Full-time Freelance announcement!


I don't post much personal stuff online, but I've gone through enough life changes recently that I felt it necessary to have a blog post about it and fill in anyone wondering what I've been up to lately. The biggest news of which is......


After art college I did a lot of traveling, interning and learning until ultimately I got a job as an editor at Dark Horse Comics, I was there for about 3 years. I ended up leaving to work at a comics start-up located in San Francisco while working remotely, I worked there for about a year until the companies constant changes resulted in layoffs. While this was a surprise, there was writing on the wall so I half expected it when the hammer dropped, I just didn't think it would happen as quickly as it did. So I started off the 2017 new year both terrified and excited at the prospect of what I would do next.

I had been doing freelance and commissions ever since college, my several year long webcomic Transpose Operator launched after I graduated, art was what I wanted to do full-time. But as everyone knows, comics is a harsh world to survive in, doubly so when you have crippling student loans. While my day jobs were comic related I was on the managerial side of it, helping other people with their stories, and working on some super fulfilling projects. However these weren't MY projects, something I was constantly aware of over the years as I saw others complete their projects while my own sat on the sideline. So while I was terrified about how I would survive, this was also the perfect opportunity to make the jump to doing art full-time like I had always planned for.

I launched my portfolio website at the beginning of the year:

Soon after that I participated in the Global Game Jam for 2017, and made a space exploration game with a group of friends. It was called Skylight and you can find it online and play it from your browser:

I became the editor on Supernatural Attraction, a comic by writer Kel McDonald, line artist Kara Leopard, and colorist Whitney Cogar. The story is about Persephone, who died and was brought back to life by her friend Victoria. Now she can see the supernatural creatures hiding in plain sight. It's a romantic comedy series that fans of shojo manga will enjoy.

I printed my first self-published comic that wasn't a mini-comic and tabled for myself for the first time at ECCC this year. It was an exciting experience where I got to see old friends and make new ones, all the while learning about what other people were making... aaaand buying a ton of enamel pins.

I've been planning a new webcomic that I'll be launching in a few months. It's a sci-fi adventure story about the last human and a bunch of aliens going on a road trip through space to find an important relic. I wish I had a piece of key art to put here but instead here's a few images and a link to the first blog post about this new project:

Expect a bunch more posts in the coming months about this comic <3 p="">

I've also been ramping up my commissions and freelance work. In the past few months I've had a lot of great projects to work on, as well as lot of great projects that ended up falling through due things beyond my control. And as of right now I'm open to take on new work!
Here's the link to my portfolio website to check out my current work: 

Below I'll give a breakdown of what you can hire me for!

-FREELANCE: Comics, Games & Animation-
 I'm available to be the sole artist on a project, or to do a specific part, like just the line art or coloring. I'm flexible depending on what you're looking for so hit me up and let's chat about rates and what you want. I also do covers as well as interiors, and work in black and white or color depending on what you're looking for.
Check out the comic art section of my portfolio website for examples:

-COMIC EDITORIAL WORK: I was an editor at Dark Horse for years, as well as an editor at a comic tech startup, and other freelance specific projects. I've been with some projects since the beginning, helping the team to polish their work until it's completion. On some projects I've just done script and story editing, it varies, so once again let me know what you're looking for and let's talk.

-STORYBOARDS: I currently don't have a section for this on my portfolio site due to past client work not being available for public viewing. I'll be doing some samples of my own to show later. But I do have experience in storyboards and am available for hire, whether it's animation, video games, live action or something else.

I can use my own particular art style, or change it up to fit what you're looking for, starting from rough sketch ideation to fully realized completion: painted realistic style, crisp anime cel art, cartoony exaggerated styles, or whatever else you're looking for.
check out the section of my website specializing in character design:


Backgrounds, characters, props, whatever you need in whatever particular style you're looking for, from rough sketch ideation to polished completion.
Check out my portfolio website to see multiple examples:


Editorial illustrations, key art, comic covers, etc. Again these are usually always specific to the project you need me for, and I'm flexible in style and application.
Check out the illustration section of my portfolio website to see more examples:

--please email me at roxypolk (@) for freelance inquiries

And that's it for the rundown on what I've been up to lately and some stuff in the near future! The next few months are going to bring a lot of changes and I'm excited to see what happens next!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Eris Tanner

I've been working on a new webcomic that I'll be launching in a few months, and in preparation I wanted to do a series of posts about the characters and the story I'll be creating. I wanted to start with Eris Tanner, who is the main character. She's an athletic space explorer who's been training for the journey of going into space and discovering new worlds ever since she was a kid.

For the most part I knew what I wanted Eris to look like since the beginning, but there were several different drafts of the story, one of which started off with Eris on a hospital satellite ship, she's wearing a kind of futuristic hospital gown in this first image.

I did a bunch of other sketches figuring out her overall look as well.

When I got the final draft of the story done, I was able to focus more on the outfit design and think about how future humans might dress, and how Eris in particular might dress. I went through a bunch of different ideas, here they are below.

Eventually I settled on a kind of bodysuit with a coat over it, and did a few variations on it.

The final lineup for the design is below

I wanted her final outfit to give her flexibility and also have the ability to function as a space suit or be worn under a larger space suit. The jacket also gave her the ability to conceal a weapon as well which would be useful in the action scenes.

Eris is an optimist, an idealist, and is a very kind person, however she's also a professional and can be serious minded when it's needed. She's also a natural leader and good at making new friends. She serves as the 2nd in command on the interstellar space ship she's been assigned to.