Sunday, October 23, 2016

Space Mechanics

My friend Molly ( ) and I were working on a short story project a few months ago. We ended up shelving it for various reasons, but it would be fun to come back to it someday in the future maybe. Here's some of the character designs I did for it. It was basically a story about space mechanics solving a mystery!

Here's the final line-up of the main cast:

Alta is a mechanic who worked on spaceship hulls, I flip-flopped between short hair and long hair, but with Molly's help we ended up with the long haired version:

Talmit is a mechanic who works on the interiors of spaceships:

The commander was in charge of everything on the space-station that both he and Alta live on:

I had a lot of fun creating these characters and working with Molly, hopefully we'll revive this someday or work on something else in the future.