Wednesday, March 9, 2016

From Shadows: 5 page excerpt

While going through art archives I realized I never posted an old 5 page excerpt of the comic From Shadow I've been working on. The story and characters have gone through some changes, so I won't be using these pages AT ALL in the final iteration of this story. I thought it would be fun to post these though as I haven't done so.

To set you up, Sadie, the main character has a living shadow named Athena, however no one but Sadie knows about Athena and as far as she's concerned her own mind made up Athena to cope with the tragic and sudden loss of her immediate family when she was younger. She now bounces around from relative to relative, never getting attached to or staying in one place for very long. The town she ends up in has been going through a bout of murders by someone the locals have named the "Prowler" as they strike at night in public places when they're deserted, preying on people who are alone. Below is an old in-process cover, a character line-up, and 5 pages that were originally meant to be pages 6-10.

I've learned a lot craft-wise since drawing this, and I can't wait till I have new pages to compare these against. This story is gonna be a lot of fun to get into again!

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