Thursday, September 26, 2013

SHADOW concepts Pt5

Onto part 5 introducing my 'Shadow' comic project I've been working on! Today is another collection of character sketches and process work!
Part 1 talked about starting up ideas for the story. Read it here CLICK
Part 2 expanded on the Shadows. Read it here CLICK
Part 3 focused on the relationship of 2 of the main characters. Read it here CLICK
Part 4 was a collection of character sketches. Read it here CLICK

At the bottom of this image is some process of Cain. He's a big mystery and his shadow is a large black dog named Theo. Like Sadie, I had Cain's personality planned out from the start. He's smart and to the point, but it's clear just by looking at him that he's carrying a lot of emotional baggage. But he's extremely kind, and puts others before himself, something which gets him into trouble more often than not.

Experimenting with some different character age designs. the ultimate plan is for a 3 book series and I'm considering having time jumps in-between each book. We'll see.

Sadie's glasses have been something I wanted to use right from the start. The idea is that she doesn't actually need glasses and instead wears them as a way to put another barrier between herself and the world, she thinks it makes it easier for her to hide and not stand out. So abandoning them towards the end of book 1 was supposed to be a big step for her and a way to physically see her character change.
Then I also thought it'd be funny that right when she abandons them she ACTUALLY needs them because her eyes are bad, haha! I probably won't do that, but it's a fun thing to think about.

So that's it for part 5! There will be lots more from this story in the future!

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