Monday, September 23, 2013

SHADOW concepts Pt4

And it's onto part 4 introducing my 'Shadow' comic project I've been working on!
Part 1 talked about starting up ideas for the story. Read it here CLICK
Part 2 expanded on the Shadows. Read it here CLICK
Part 3 focused on the relationship of 2 of the main characters. Read it here CLICK

This post is mostly a collection of sketches and working out character designs.
This one is basically all about figuring out Glenn. Originally he was kind of a 'cool aloof' character. But he's turned into more of a blunt and outspoken character, and while he may be good at fighting with his shadow, he isn't really good at much else.

That's it for part 4! Part 5 will be another sketch barrage, so look forward to it!

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