Thursday, September 19, 2013

SHADOW concepts Pt3

And the intrigue continues, welcome to part 3 of my blog post about one of my current comic projects. I still don't have a title yet, but 'Shadow' is the working title I've been calling it by.

When I was brainstorming ideas for the characters and how they interact, I ended up making this mini-comic thing to experiment with their relationship. This was actually the 2nd thing I ever drew for this project, long before I had even decided on their names.

They're not enemies, but not exactly friends either. Sadie and Glenn's relationship is complicated. I spent a lot more time figuring them out because of this. I had both of their relationship's to Cain nailed down from the start though, haha, I feel bad that there aren't more sketches with him in them so far.

As you can see, Glenn's design has changed a lot, I finally have his design finalized but it took awhile, so a lot of these sketches vary from design to design.
The thumbnailed comic at the bottom of this sketch set is kind of a re-do of the original one, their interaction is a lot more intense though, haha!

haha... oops... these guys need to be nicer to each other. This kind of relationship is really fun for me though, I'm looking forward to drawing these dumb kids getting into dumb fights. Especially because when things get more intense story-wise there won't be as much time for this kind of thing.

Below is a fun scene that will probably never make it into the actual storyline. I had been watching a lot of movies while working on freelance and wondered what it would be like if these guys watched a horror movie together.
I liked the idea the despite the fact that they fight these terrifying shadow creatures, Glenn still can't handle horror movies.

All in all however, they're fighting on the same side, and will eventually become best friends, but it's gonna take them awhile to get there.

That's it for Part 3! Stay tuned for Part 4!

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