Friday, September 13, 2013

SHADOW concepts Pt2

Welcome to Pt2 of my posts talking about one of the current projects I'm working on. In the previous post I talked about Sadie and her shadow, and how I created them. I'm going to expand more on it below.

After working though all sorts of other ideas I finally came up with the final design for Sadie's shadow, Athena. She's a clad in armor and acts like a nagging conscience for Sadie, constantly trying to help her improve her life, but Sadie wants nothing to do with her and just wishes she'd disappear.

Poor Athena always tries so hard...

Then there's Theo, he's the shadow of Sadie's mentor, Cain. Theo is a large black dog, often times he is out in public simply pretending to be a normal dog, unlike the picture above. If comics had sound, Theo would sound like an old man, aside from word choice there's not much more I can do about that, unfortunately.

Here's another image of Theo standing next to a prototype version of Glenn, a character who is Sadie's rival, and ally.

I had a lot of trouble with Glenn and his shadow. Glenn is Cain's current student when Sadie shows up and essentially wrecks his life. Everything starts going bad for him around the time she shows up, and her latent potential is greater than his even though he's been training in this kind of stuff for years. To make matters worse, Cain, his mentor/father figure, starts paying more attention to Sadie than him. I wanted the three main characters to form a kind of dysfunctional family, haha.
Anyway, originally Glenn's shadow was named 'Two' and was supposed to be a mirror image of himself, but things have changed around so the image above is a prototype from the previous design.

I messed with a bunch of different ideas, including this kind of Fire Shadow idea. But it didn't really fit, and will actually be transferred to the antagonist of the first book in a way... haha... can't reveal too much yet!

In the end, Glenn's Shadow became something unique- it doesn't have conciousness like all the other shadows in the story. He uses it like a tool and an extension of himself, instead of it being a separate sentient being who's attached to him. This is both an advantage and disadvantage, unfortunately for him.

Well that's it for part 2, be sure to check back for Part 3 soon!

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