Tuesday, September 10, 2013

SHADOW concepts Pt1

One of my current pitch projects is something I've been kicking around since I came to LA. I'm getting into comic pages and cover art and preparing to send it out into the world at the moment. I wanted to post some of the early concept stuff here to share with everyone!

This is the first time I drew Sadie, the main character, and at the time I didn't wholly expect it to turn into a full fledged story.

Sadie has pretty much kept the same color pallet from start to finish, although the comic is gonna be in black and white.

Sadie's shadow took a long time to figure out. I was thinking that she may be some kind of spirit or demon companion at this point, so she's taking on a animalistic look here.

I had Sadie's personality figured out from the start. A sullen negative girl who's quick to offer scepticism, she's terrible at controlling her negative emotions, and while she isn't intentionally mean or angry she often comes off that way. She's actually a kind girl, but is too preoccupied by the bad things in her life to focus on anything other than getting by with her 'condition'.

While I had Sadie's personality figured out from the start, her Shadow was another story. I had bounced around ideas that they were friends, that they were a reflection of each other, or that the shadow was a curse of some kind. When going with the curse idea I figured it could go two ways, either they both sympathize with being stuck together... or the shadow would be downright hostile towards Sadie. In the end her shadow turned out very different, and their relationship is not hostile at all, but this sketch was experimenting with that idea.

More brainstorming!

Well that's it for part 1! There's tons more to show from this story in the coming months, so check back soon for part 2!

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