Monday, March 25, 2013

TANKADERE Anthology - now you can BUY IT!

I recently contributed to an anthology called TANAKDERE Vol 3, it's all about Daring Dames, so if you like female protagonists you should definitely go check it out! I have a 7pg story called SPROUT that is along the lines of Transpose Operator, but actually not because it's far more hopeful than Transpose Operator... basically I am telling you to GO BUY IT because it is a cool anthology with a ton of awesome contributors, including Alicia Muhm, my MCAD compatriot, and fellow Periscope intern bro Matt Rainwater.

Here is the cover again!

And here's a 3 page preview of my story - SPROUT!


GO BUY THE BOOK to see the conclusion and support me and all the other fine artists in this book!


Maddy said...

WOW! Looks good, I want to read it!!!

Kayla Stypayhoralikson said...