Saturday, December 8, 2012


I was working on a story in college about a girl who is able to see another world above our own... since she's seen it for years and is the only one who can, naturally she thinks she's crazy. The story ended up involving a lot of Arabic design elements and Norse Mythology and mythological characters. I really like the concept and the characters but it's seriously rough. I plan to do something with it some day.
wow, so anime with all these sailor uniforms, haha...

All the girls have been friends since middle school and they really support each other. When things in their world start going crazy the main character's friends are able to deal with the fallout a little easier than most since they've believed her for years. The kid who is the odd one out in all of these sketches is from the 'other world' that the main character sees, and his involvement turns her world upside-down.

Since they're cute high school girls it gives me an excuse to dress them in cute clothes. However the main character's hair always looks like a mess, haha, no matter what she wears she tends to look like a bag lady. The personalities of these three is a lot of fun to write, they play really well off of each-other  I really hope to revisit this story sometime soon.

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