Friday, November 16, 2012

School Clothes

So this isn't everyone, but here's the first 4 summer school uniform mock-ups. I kinda wish I could have gone all out and done some crazy cool anime uniforms... but they go to an American private school, and while lots of crazy stuff happens in this story I wanted to keep a sense of reality to it so the simpler the better. I could have gone with plaid skits and pants, but I felt that for the tone of the story, and for the ease of design, black was better. But what do you think?

I went through a lot of other ideas when I was first formulating the uniforms. Here's some of the concepts along with some other sketches.

It's a funny thing to come up with so many complicated designs and then settle on the most plain of them all, but I think it's important to run through all your ideas first instead of just going with your first choice.


orchidus said...

I agree. Simple is better. I think the black and white allows you to focus on developing each character's personality without overemphasizing design. I have to admit I do like the winter coats that you designed. :] Maybe you could do a variation on the coat (plain color) with the school emblem?

I am looking forward to this project!

Roxy said...

thanks, I'm glad that you feel the same. The winter coat/blazers for the uniforms will have more detail for sure.

Maddy said...

I like how that one girl has spandex under her skirt! Very practical! Love the designs!

e.leit said...

I love your drawings even though I don't really read mangas (particulary the last one with the cape).
Sorry for the mistakes I'm french and I try to speak english well.