Friday, November 2, 2012

Grimoire Promotional Image

I've been working on a pitch project/second webcomic for some time. I started working on this story about a year and a half ago, creating characters and story-lines  and have slowly been putting it together in the background while working on all of my other projects.

One of the major parts of presenting this thing is a 'promotional image' that I started earlier this year, since then I've had to touch up and re-draw a bunch of stuff on it, but it's finally nearing completion so take a look as the early progress!

The older cropped image is here:

Here's the updated full lineart!
I completely re-drew a few characters and moved around everyone to make a more balanced and full composition, as well as touching up things here and there.

Next I separated each element with a different color. There's kind of an enormous title wave of characters, haha. If anyone remembers that chapter of "Looking Glass" that I made years ago you may notice that the cast from that story has been integrated into this new one. they're side characters in this story, but I think there's an open possibility for a spin-off or side adventures for them that could be really cool.

Next I did all the flats for each character, about 90% of these colors are going to stay the base colors but it's still a work in progress after all.

Since I started this particular image some time ago I'm really excited to see it coming together. I'm working up character images, thumbnails, and sample pages right now. The hardest part is solidifying/simplifying the outline, I've got a lot of things I need to organize and a lot of re-writes to do, but it will be worth it. The plan for now is to make a pitch to send to publishers, but depending on the reception I get/ how long it takes I will probably just end up going ahead with my plan to turn this into my second webcomic project. The original plan was to do this anyway- I've always talked about it as my '2nd webcomic project', but I think it will be great to get it out there as a possible serialized book series too. So it's win win no matter what the end result!

Still not sure if I'll be doing black and white with tones or full color, we'll see after the sample pages are completed. 

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