Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Open Desert - Nalo and Mikah

Last week I posted about my pitch project that I was working on called 'Open Desert', and this is part 2!

There's three main characters in this story, Feena who I posted about before, her sister Nalo, and a friend they make while in the Prison Labor camp named Mikah. Our band of travellers are able to escape the dangerous prison but are of course labelled as fugitives as they traverse their desert world and look for a place to belong, and figure out who they want to be.

NALO: She's known for her beauty and friendly attitude. While She's friendly she's also pretty conceited  being the younger sister she was doted upon, and with Feena always looking out for her she never had much to worry about. Nalo is very confident and stubborn and rarely listens to others even though she's always depending on others. When she arrives at the prison it becomes undeniable to her that she can't depend on herself, and so her character arc begins.
Nalo is a lot of fun for me to work with since her character change is pretty dramatic. I'm looking forward to drawing her hair too, that volume is ridiculous, in a good way, haha. Nalo and Feena are basically opposites in not only their looks but their attitude, pretty much the only thing they have in common is their stubbornness.

MIKAH: He's a charismatic faker, to put it bluntly. He's a smooth talker and liked by most people, he's been at the prison for several years and his knowledge of how the place works in indispensable to Feena and Nalo's escape. Nalo is pretty infatuated with him the moment she meets him, Feena however takes an instant dislike to him and doesn't trust him. Mikah has a shady past that he's been running from, he thinks his time in the prison has put enough distance between it and himself; however his miscalculation causes it to catch up to him and cause trouble not only for himself but his two new companions. He's basically lived his entire life trusting no one but himself, but if he wants to survive he's going to have to change his attitude.
Freckles! It may be hard to see, but Mikah has a lot of freckles, it's a really fun design element I'm looking forward to messing around with. Mikah's joking attitude is going to be fun, it's so easy for him to set up Feena because she takes everything so seriously. There's plenty of drama in Open Desert, but there's a lot of comedy too, the characters play off of each other in a lot of hilarious ways.

oh yeah! Because it's the desert, EVERYBODY HAS CLOAKS! It was a lot of fun to personalize such a simple thing to each character to reflect their personalities. Sorry the sketches are so small and ghostly. I actually have a TON of older sketches from this story that show their designs better but it's on my old hard drive that I currently don't have access to :( When I go back to Alaska in December I can post them.

I have yet to do test pages for this story because I wasn't sure if I wanted it to be in color of black and white.  It's going to be a lot of fun messing around with the format, I can't wait!

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