Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dustbowl Short Story

I recently worked with Himmleash to create a short story. They wrote the script and I provided the art, it was a great project to work on, I was able to push myself on black-spotting while working within a very interesting period of american history. I could keep going on an on, but it would be better to let you read the story instead.

I hope you enjoyed it! That ambiguous ending was just... haha... man when I read it I was like "YEAH! This is going to be fun!". Especially since I work in long form so often, doing this short story was great for a lot of reasons. 

But I'd also love to hear feedback from everyone out there! What did you think???


Zadok Taylor said...

My favorite were the non-descript children!

Roxy said...

they're certainly the most important characters, I can see why you'd favor them.

Gillsing said...

A lovely story. It took me a while to deduce that it must be Glenn who stepped into the bear trap, which neatly explains the extent of his father's villainy: Not only is he putting the thumbscrews on the poor farmer, but he's also stealing his livelihood during the night.