Thursday, September 27, 2012

Too Kawaii to Die #2

YESSSSSS! It's out! I have 3 illustrations in it this time! So excited about it! You guys should all go order it- or download it- or whatever- READ IT is what I'm sayin' Can't wait till issue 3! Below is the preview of my submissions!

My buddy Zach is making an awesomely bizarre contribution to the zine scene that you all need to be aware of. Just a warning though, if you download the whole thing there is some NSFW content, so be warned!



Too Kawaii to Die #2 is out!

Get the digital version for free right here!
Do it!

There’s even a bonus submission in the digital version because of space constraints and last minute slip ups. Oops.

What is this thing?

It’s a super duper comics and art zine that’s focused on combining cute with weird, horrible, scary, sad, and stupid.

It’s what happens when a whole bunch of artists and internet wonderbabies come together to make something awesome and inspire you to keep it kawaii.

It is the only publication guaranteed to guide you through the post-post-reverse-ironic wasteland of anime america.

Where do I buy this glorious work of art?

Right here!

Get a copy for each of your friends!

This issue is much much bigger, 64 pages of full color on nice paper, and it’s perfect bound instead of stapled this time! Trust me, it looks amazing in person.

ALSO, in the interest in getting this thing in the hands of as many people as possible, the zine is being sold at printing cost. It is a cheap as we can possibly sell it, and we don’t make any profit.


Wow I want to contribute to this!

That’s wonderful! Since this whole thing is still growing, each issue’s guidelines have been a little different, so there aren’t any submission guidelines up right at this moment. I need to work out what’s going to be different (and better) about the third issue.

If you want to be involved in the next issue, send me an email at: , to let me know.

You can also contact me via Tumblr, but that’s harder for me to keep track of so email is preferred.

I have also set up a TKTD exclusive tumblr here. It will only ever post information pertaining to TKTD.


Youshirou is from a project I'm doing on commission. He is kind of a boss in case the coat didn't give you that little clue. There's two more designs from this project to go! Looking forward to sharing them with you soon.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Goodbye Chapter 3!

The last update for Transpose Operator Chapter 3 is here! I hope you guys love gratuitous foreshadowing!
click the image... or click here!

And with that- CHAPTER 3 IS OVER!

Thanks for being along for the chapter 3 ride! There was a lot of crazy stuff going on in this chapter that was super fun to draw. I'm hoping to get back up to 2 updates a week again for chapter 4, and will keep you posted about that...
The end of a chapter also means the  bonus Q&A section for readers! Those of you that have submitted your questions will be featured in the comic and get your questions answered(more or less). So thank you to all who have submitted! And for those of you that were too late, sorry, you'll have to wait until the end of chapter 4 to be featured because TODAY is the cut off for questions!
After the Q&A we'll have an awesomely awesome guest art gallery! Some super talented artists will be showcasing their Transpose Operator art on the site with all the ways to follow them online and find out more about them. They'll also have few thoughts about their piece, Transpose Operator itself, or what they're currently working on too. Quite a few of these artists have their own webcomics and I highly suggests you instantly become readers of their respective comics because they're all quality, super awesome artists and wonderfully nice people to boot!
There will be an eta for the start of Chapter 4 soon, I'll be blanketing the internet with news about it so be on the look-out for that too. See you soon!

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Shinobu is a from a current project that I'm on commission for. The writer has quite a large cast, previously I had posted most of the school kid designs, but Shinobu is from the more action oriented segments. I had a lot of fun with his pinstripe suit.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Transpose Operator Chapter 3 Page 31

Only one more page left in chapter 3 after this one! We're almost to the end of this chapter~! There will be more news on in-between chapter stuff with the page 32 update, so be on the look-out!

PAGE 31 IS UP! Let's listen to Levi talk about more unpleasant things, shall we? click on the picture or follow the link!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Grimoire Faces

Sketch book page! It feels like forever since I've posted sketches! Drawing more characters from my second webcomic project. I'm going to be hammering out a lot of stuff for this from December onward, so you'll be seeing more new stuff when I finally have the time to work on it full steam. For now I wanna try and get through my stock of sketches, for this project and others because my goodness there's A LOT of them. I didn't even realize how many I had that hadn't been posted.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


so i did this thing…

you should all do it too,  check omo-cat’s entry for details!

 also the official tumblr for ‘It’s raining Kaiba’

Monday, September 10, 2012

Transpose Operator Chapter 3 Page 30!

In case any of you were wondering why swords are the weapon of choice for everyone...

NEW PAGE! WHOOO! Click on the image or follow the link to get your Transpose Operator on!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

T:O Character Page - Serge

new character page up on the Transpose Operator site get to know Serge better whether you like it or not…

And if you haven’t read my webcomic —— GO DO IT!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Transpose Operator ch3 pg29

WHOA, well when you say it like that I can't tell if you're joking or being serious, Levi...

New Transpose Operator Page!!!!

Poor Karin... her life just keeps getting more unpleasantly complicated.

click on the above picture or follow this link for the update!