Friday, June 8, 2012

Transpose Sketches - Luka

Transpose Operator character sketches are back!
This time featuring Luka- He's actually one of the 3 main characters and will be showing up in Chapter 4. He's kinda one of my favorites and I've been holding back on posting images of him since he won't be showing up for a little while buuuuut... OH WELL.

He's pretty much had the same design since I first created him years ago, well aside from his outfit, but everything else has remained consistent... now that I think about it Karin too, I guess I just knew what both of them needed to look like. It's always really cool when a character just clicks like that... but the opposite is extremely frustrating...

ANYWAY- here's the link to the Transpose Operator info post concerning updates just in case you missed it:

And if you've never read Transpose Operator before - GO DO IT- GO DO IT RIGHT NOW-


Helen said...

If there are three main characters in TO does that make Karin and Max the other two? Or is it Karin and a third character we haven't met yet?

Roxy said...

Good guess! Yep! Karin, Max, and Luka are the 3 main characters.