Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fate Prototype

Oh man oh man guys....

Fate Prototype was really awesome! Who cares if it was just a 12 minute OVA. The voice cast they had for it was nuts, a lot of big names so I'm hoping that this was just something to test the waters to see if they should make a full series(such a long shot but I'm holding out hope.)

In case you don't know Fate Prototype was the original version of Fate/Stay Night that Kinoko Nasu wrote while in school before the illustrator decided Saber should be a Girl and that Shirou should be the main character. Personally I love both Sabers but I think that Ayaka is a better main character, but then again that's just me. I like Shirou too but melancholic megane loners are more my type.



Go watch it!
I'm waiting on the UTW sub because the one out right now is hella broken, but what can you do.
anyway, follow the link to watch it online!

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