Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fate/EXTRA CCC Optional Costumes

And the obsession with this game continues...

ANYWAY, I actually wasn't too surprised about Archers new outfit, to be honest, Bride Saber is WAAAAY more over the top and the bondage elements to her costume are much more extreme. I think the reason why I did this comic about Archer's outfit was because of his personality- I honestly can't see him choosing that outfit to wear on his own- Saber(Nero) and Caster however I could totally see wearing over the top outfits on a daily basis by choice.

Although one of the themes for this game is supposed to be a "young girl's Eros" and is a kind of "Heavens Feel" offshoot to the story presented in EXTRA. So I suppose sexualizing the characters in terms of design makes a lot of sense from that perspective.
I'm mostly interested to know how it ties into the first game as what I know about the ending makes it hard to picture.

I'm really really hoping that Aksys will be bringing over CCC, but there hasn't been any news on it yet. FINGERS CROSSED.

Below are the actual images for new outfits if you're interested.

Monday, December 12, 2011


“No offense master….but sometimes I feel more like a babysitter than a servant”

Fate/EXTRA!!! I'm super obsessed with this game right now. Guess who I'm playing as? I was glad that Archer was one of the 3 servants you can choose since he's always been one of my favorite Fate characters. I love Saber too but the Saber in Fate/EXTRA is not the Arturia Saber from the regular cannon but Nero... who's personality is almost completely the opposite. I'll try her out in another play through, but for now I'm rocking the Female Protagonist and Archer.
I'm on Week 4 right now... fighting the WEIRDEST Master yet. I chose to save Rin on my first playthrough. I'm super excited to see where the story goes... although one of the biggest plot points has already been ruined for me :(

Anyway, I've done a few more sketches that I have lined up and plan on doing more from this game, hope you don't get tired of it, haha...