Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Blog Header

I've been meaning to do this for some time actually but I had so many other projects that it got pushed to the side and forgotten for awhile.
Just like with the last one this one features the main character from comics/novels/game/etc that I'm working on. I can't expand too much on the individual projects but I can give you a short run down.

Karin - Transpose Operator
New Blog Header Karin
Karin is the main character from my webcomic Tranpose Operator. She wakes up with no memory in a strange facility where the caretakers are far from human with bad intentions to boot. She gets drawn into the various conflicts that are going on in her world as she tries to figure out the truth of who she is and how she got to the facility while trying to stay alive in the process. It's a post apocalyptic sci-fi epic that's currently updating and is the only story so far that's had content published whether in print or on the internet. 
Karin is also 25,the oldest main character of the group and the second one that I created out of the 5 above.

Mia Harvent - Grimoire(Temp title)
New Blog Header Mia
Mia is the main character from the 2nd webcomic that I'm developing right now. It's still in the planning stages so things could change around a lot, I may even change Mia's name, however the characters and most of their base relationships are solidified, and the premise is solid. It's going to be a kind of urban fantasy story that focuses on magical tomes called Grimoires and a war that's been going on behind the scenes involving multiple worlds and the space between them.
Out of the above characters Mia is the newest one I've created, and at 17 she's the second youngest.

Adele Tanner - Meggido
New Blog Header Adele
Adele belongs to the first story I ever created that I decided to keep developing. Before Meggido there were MANY MANY other stories and ideas, all of which got tossed for one reason or another, the main reason being they just weren't good enough. The story went through a ton of changes before it found it's direction. Meggido is an epic set in a low-fantasy world in which Adele is accused of a crime she didn't commit and is forced to leave her country to survive and ultimately prove her innocence, there's a lot of political intrigue, and crazy science and military stuff going on... also... Sky Pirates. Originally this was going to be a comic, and it probably will be once I feel I have the time to take it on, but I think in a perfect world it would be an animated series or a video game.
Adele is 19, and if you've been paying attention you'll be able to guess that she's the oldest character I've created out of those above.

Sera - Eyes of the Chosen(Temp Title)
New Blog Header Sera
Sera's story isn't super defined right now, but I have a good direction for it in terms of characters and set up, however the plot/scenario changes quite frequently as I'm not sure what direction I want the theme to take. For now it's a sci-fi fantasy story set in a futuristic metropolis. Sera shows a certain kind of potential and is scouted for a specialized secret academy where the learning curve is almost impossible to keep up with, and the complicated political situations in the city make things even harder. The more I work on this story the more I'm convinced that an Illustrated Novel, or a Visual Novel would be the best medium for it, and not a comic. 
Sera is the youngest at 16 and is right behind Mia as the 2nd newest character in the line-up. 

Kiley Monad - Snow Red(Temp title)
New Blog Header Kiley
Kiley was originally the secondary main character in a story about a group of kids making a documentary involving the prejudice in their world as they come to realized that everything around them is not as it seems. However the more I worked on this story the more I realized that Kiley was actually the main character. The basic world premise and character relationships remained the same, but it's not about them making a movie anymore. It's a low sci-fi story taking place in a gritty city that has the episodic premise of Kiley and his friends being draw into the lives of people in the city and helping them until things start to get serious and they realize what's going on in their world. This is another story that I had thought to turn into a Visual Novel and had actually put work into making it one, however I'm not so sure what medium I'd like to do this story in now... it's hard to say.
Kiley is 17, the same as Mia, and is the middle child as he was created in-between all the characters in the banner.

So that's everyone. I have several other series in development but these are the ones getting the most attention right now... although I suppose these days Transpose Operator gets 90% of the attention, Grimoire get 9%, and the others share the last 1%... haha... ah well, such is life. I feel like I'll never have enough time to do all the things I want to but at least that means I'm never depressed over having no direction, right? I'm hoping that eventually when I get Transpose Operator down to a science it'll afford more time to work on everything else, but for now, I'm content to let it take up my time.


Aisazia said...

Awesome! Glad to see how you divided up each story/protagonist. LOL I love the names Mia, Adele, and Sera. I actually had a character name Sera which was for a novel. I like the name Kiley, but I had a main male protagonist named Riley. XD LOL I was wondering where the male protagonists were. XD

LOL I guess what I'm saying is I like the names you are choosing and am interested in their stories. :D

I think I may do this with some of my main characters as well. :D

Roxy said...

@Aisazia thanks, I'm glad you liked it :D I kinda wanna do this for some of the other stories I've been working on but... I think 5 is more than enough for now, haha :D

I had another comic called "Looking Glass" in which the main character was male, but that story kinda ended up melding with the Grimoire one so now he's just a side character...

but yeah, you should totally do this too! And when you do, send me the link! I wanna find out about your stories too :D

Aisazia said...

LOL I know what you mean, I have more than 5 planned stories but am trying to limit them to around 5 or less. XD

Ohhh interesting. I try to merge stories if I can too but I tend to do the opposite and expand it with another story...OTL

Yeah! I might soon, I need to get some good images of my main characters. You can check out my blog or you can just click my name for my profile. I'll try to put something up eventually. :D

Roxy said...

Haha, man, the more I think about it the more I wanna showcase my other main characters... must... resist...
It's almost depressing in a way though since I don't have the time to work on them the way I want to.

Yeah, I merge stories from time to time, but often- as I'm planning with Looking Glass- I'm preparing it for a possible spin off series, so if I ever wanted to revisit that story I could, which is kinda fun... and kinda cheating, haha

I just followed you on blogger so that I can keep up with you now, but please do drop me a line as I don't check my blog roll very often and may miss your update :D I wanna see!

Maddy said...

I like the outfit of the pink haired girl! I think costume design is definitely one of your strengths. :)

Roxy said...

@Maddy Thanks! It's super fun to design outfits, I wish I could do it all the time