Friday, October 21, 2011

Group Hug

Group Hug

Transpose Operator is going on a short break in-between chapters. Originally it was just going to be a week-long break, but it's now officially a 2 week break. If you haven't heard I've been working on an entry for the Morning International Comic Competition (MICC), the deadline is coming up so I have to work extra hard on it and it alone- I've even cashed in my vacation days to finish it so you know it's crunch time.
In the meantime I'm going to be posting art here to the sketchblog and Transpose Operator will resume on Monday, November 7th! So mark your calendars!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Panacea pages

So these are the first 4 pages of my short story submission for the Morning International Comic Competition(MICC), Panacea.

I'm going to be posting larger versions on DA too if this size is too small for some readers. It's been awhile since I worked on a short story but I gotta say it's fun. It's nice to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel for a project to be finished. Don't get me wrong, longer stories are my favorite and it's good to know what you're working on next, but having a change of pace like this is really nice.

I've got a lot more pages but... again I'm not sure when I can upload them/I kinda want to print this thing if it doesn't win the MICC. So we'll see. ANYWAY! Hope you had fun reading this preview!

Check out the larger pages on Deviantart!

Saturday, October 15, 2011


So I've been talking about my MICC entry for some time... and haven't shown anything from it yet. Mostly because I've been so busy with the content creation, but I finally wanted to show you guys some sketches from it. It's called Panacea, and you'll understand why after you've read it... haha...

It's about "mermaid-monsters" and a village on a small island on the ocean with a secret.
I'm almost 3/4 of the way done with it... behind schedule but I know I'll be able to get it in on time.

the main character-Kanna is the little girl in the front. She looks a little older in this sketch than what she turned out looking like in the comic, she's about 11 or 12. The white haired bishonen guy is the 2nd main character.

The kids at Campfire(before and after school program where I work) got ahold of my sketchbook one day and when they saw these thought the bishonen guy was a girl, when they said that I knew I was right on the mark. I usually don't draw "pretty" guys, I was actually worried about making him look right but it turns out I had nothing to worry about. Haha!

Panacea Sketch Comp 2
These are earlier sketches when the story was about 2 sisters. After going through edits and reviews the younger sister got cut and Kanna's age got reduced, originally she was around 16 or 17. I was messing around with style too, I had been thinking about doing a more simplified character style... but... that didn't end up happening.

Tomorrow I'll be posting a few pages as a preview, so make sure you check back!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Transpose Operator Profile

Was doing some copic marker stuff the other day while watching a bad movie. This is a character from Transpose Operator who will be showing up in Chapter 4.
The color of his hair is all wrong, he just has brown hair... but I didn't have the right color marker so it's kinda redish here, oh well. It's a lot of fun to draw with color in an analog medium, I get so used to coloring in the computer that I forget what it's like if I don't remind myself from time to time.

Gonna try and post some preview stuff for my MICC entry in the next few days... it's about time, right?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Doing some more lighting exercises with fall colors. Maybe I'll do something that's actually fall themed next time.
Levi Flame
Levi is always fun to draw even though he looks pissed off all the time... maybe I just like drawing angry characters or something. Then again they all have a reason for it, they're not just angry for the sake of it.
ANYWAY, he's going to be doing some cool stuff next chapter so watch for it!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Transpose Operator Karin Hard Light

Transpose Operator Karin Intense

So excited for things to pick up again in Transpose Operator. Chapter 3 is going to be all kinds of crazy stuff happening.
This sketch was from an earlier outfit design before I had decided on a few details for Karin's new outfit. she will be getting a cool poncho/cape thing later too which if you were paying attention to some earlier sketch pages you may have noticed.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Bang Bang more Grimoire Story stuff

Did I tell you I love October? Halloween is one of my favourite holidays and I love the seasonal foods, Pumpkin-Spice Lattes and iced pumpkin muffins are the best :D.
I wanted to make an effort to do some creepy art this month and here's the first.
This was actually really fun. I like working with silhouettes. Originally it was supposed to be a gif and animate between the above image and this one:
for added creep factor, but I couldn't figure it out in CS5... and it was taking up too much of my time by the point that I was overly frustrated with it. So... on a different day and maybe even when I'm working on a different project I'll figure that function out.

So yes, more art from my WIP 2nd webcomic. I have so many sketches back logged, including massive Transpose Operator sketch page compilations. Poor Casey has had his page on the back-burner for so long...

Sunday, October 9, 2011

More Grimoire Story Sketches

More sketches of these guys.
These two ladies are good friends, although they don't start out that way. As energetic as our main character is, her friend is far more cheerful. They always seem to have fun together no matter what.

I'm been withholding the names of all the characters in this new story mostly because some of them may change as they have several times already. I could at least give the names they have now when I do specific posts for each character. I want to do it eventually but I'm not sure when that's going to happen.

Right now I'm a little more than halfway through my MICC submission. As fun as it is I can't wait for it to be over and sent out in the mail! Still gotta ponder on how I'm going to post it online... and I may not even be able to until the contest is over and judged which is in March sometime which would be a bummer :/ but we'll see.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Transpose Operator Karin Character Page - DONE!

This went up last night!

Whoo! It's done at last! I had some issues coming up with the right graphic look for these images but in the end I'm pretty pleased with it! haha- it looks a lot like a video game menu, right? Maybe I'm going through withdrawals...

since this version is a little small you can find the full version on the appropriate Transpose Operator page:

Max is next up on the list- then Levi, then Mary. It's a toss up between Casey and Nel after that... but I have a feeling that Nel is going to win in the end(she usually does).

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Transpose Operator Character Images - Karin

If anyone has been checking the Transpose Operator site regularly they may have seen this
I've been working on the character pages for Transpose Operator for some time now... but in-between insane work schedules so that I can eat and exist as a person, my MICC submission, and updating T:O pages it's been slow going....
however finally I can get into completing those pages now that I have some complete images! So I wanted to let you all see a preview!

This version is still a little rough around the edges but it's basically the final version. I'm going to do images like this for every character- at least the main ones, some minor characters may just get bust shots, we'll see. I have a bunch of line art backlogged to finish these for all the characters that have been introduced and for a few that haven't been seen yet.