Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hooded Shadow Fight

More stuff from my work in progress 2nd webcomic. This girl is the main character, although I may switch up the narrative so we'll see. She's definitely fun to draw.

Shadow Fight
She really likes to fight and has excellent hand to hand combat skills... this has gotten her in trouble more than once to be sure... she's a tomboy who wouldn't wear skirts if she didn't have to since they're impractical, so she wears shorts under her skirt. If she needs to high-kick someone she doesn't want be embarrassed by her attire.

Man this week was crazy... I've been so busy and the deadline for the MICC is coming up soon. I plan to post at least the first 10 pages here so you can read it :) I want to find a way to post it online in it's entirety eventually. A way to do that may be to do updates on the Transpose Operator site or something. I want to make a site for short stories but since I only have 1 that's presentable and a million other things to do I'm not sure when that's gonna happen but it's on the "to do" check list.

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