Thursday, September 15, 2011

Grimoire Story Sketches


I've been working on the story with these guys for quite some time. I have a TON of sketches of them that I've been dying to show off for about a year now... however until I have more time and more of the details hammered out I won't be able to work on the website and content for this comic for who knows how long. But I can tell you that it's going to be the 2nd webcomic that I publish(After Transpose Operator) and update regularly... And it's going to be in color(that's the plan anyway).


it's just a matter of time before it happens... which basically means once I'm far enough ahead in Transpose Operator I can start working on this, but I'm going to be honest I can see it taking me at least a year if not longer to debut it. The donate button for Transpose Operator could make or break my plans for this story coming out sooner, but It's not even up yet so we'll see... and 3 updates a week for Transpose Operator is more important to me right now than having another comic to worry about.


I'm not sure how many details I'll be posting but I plan to upload more images for this story-Which doesn't have a title yet- I've just been calling it "Grimoire Story" for over a year now since that's basically what the focus of the story so it's the working title atm.
A lot of things for it are still very flexible right now as you can see from the images above too.


I can tell you that the characters in this story are younger than the Transpose Operator characters, it's basically about a group of high school kids... which I know, I know, we've all heard THAT story before... but trust me on this, I'm trying my hardest to make it something different.

I'll probably be posting more art for this story since there is a lot of it, so look forward to seeing more of these guys!


Maddy said...

LOVE the sketches! I am sso excited for your next work to seems so different from the mood of Transpose operator! Love the guy in the baseball hat- I can tell he is going to be cool.

Roxy said...

Glad you do! :D Haha... I really wish I could get it started soon... but I'm not gonna lie it will probably be some time, but at least I can post all the sketches I have!
I'm hoping that the color will convey things better and fit with the narrative for this story. And yeah, Baseball hat guy is pretty cool, I really think you're going to like him, heh :D