Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nel Sketch Page

Nel is a lady with a bad temper, in case you haven't noticed. She's the second youngest member of the Resistance group aboard the ELDRIC. Not only does she have a bad temper, but she gets set off really easily... especially when a certain person is involved.

When I originally created her design her hair flippies weren't so apparent... but the more I've drawn her the more exaggerated they've become, it's pretty funny looking back now. Consequently her first design was older and had dreds... I wish I could find the sketch book that had those but I think it's been lost to time and space.

SIDE NOTE: this was posted late because I've taken on a crazy schedule right now. I'm working 3 jobs that equates to about 12hrs a day... and then I somehow have to get art done(comics, portfolio, stuff for the website, comic contest entry), apply to jobs, and somehow sleep. So while I'm getting used to this new schedule there may be delays to blog posts or comic page notifications.


Maddy said...

Oh Nel! I want to see the dread version! Bad time and space!

Anonymous said...

Nel looks like an interesting character. Will we have a chance to learn about each character's background story in your comic? :]

Roxy said...

@Maddy Hopefully I can find it :/ but I packed away all my old sketch books so I have no idea if/when I could look for it.

@Vesperis Yep yep, that's the plan. Each character has their own backstory, most of which are important to the central plot so I'm really excited to show them.