Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Transpose Operator Super 8

Some characters here you guys won't recognize yet... Chapter 3 and chapter 4 will introduce them respectively. I'm so excited for you guys to meet them :D

Also as a reminder, if you want to be featured in the Transpose Operator comic then ask a question and you'll be featured at the extra section at the end of chapter 2! For more info check this post! ---->HERE!<----
Also I'm going to be setting up the donate button and the store pretty soon(around chapter 3 debut), and I've been steadily working on the characters section, it's been taking awhile since I've been so backlogged and my work schedule is crazy... but they're in the works.

Super 8 Color
Consequently here's a (slightly)colored version.

Also just as a heads up there will be a week long break in-between chapters 2 and 3. Don't have the dates yet but I will let you know as soon as I do.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nel Sketch Page

Nel is a lady with a bad temper, in case you haven't noticed. She's the second youngest member of the Resistance group aboard the ELDRIC. Not only does she have a bad temper, but she gets set off really easily... especially when a certain person is involved.

When I originally created her design her hair flippies weren't so apparent... but the more I've drawn her the more exaggerated they've become, it's pretty funny looking back now. Consequently her first design was older and had dreds... I wish I could find the sketch book that had those but I think it's been lost to time and space.

SIDE NOTE: this was posted late because I've taken on a crazy schedule right now. I'm working 3 jobs that equates to about 12hrs a day... and then I somehow have to get art done(comics, portfolio, stuff for the website, comic contest entry), apply to jobs, and somehow sleep. So while I'm getting used to this new schedule there may be delays to blog posts or comic page notifications.