Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Transpose Operator Header Prototypes

When I was making the Transpose Operator site I went through a number of different ideas for the look of the site before deciding on the final one. Here's 2 of the former headers.

This was the first one.
Transpose Operator Banner Prototype Zero
It was way too shiny, the outfit on Karin didn't fit for SO many reasons and the anatomy was wrong :/ It was one of the first color things I did of Max so this was the image where I finalized some of his colors.

And this was the second one.
Transpose Operator Header
The outfits here were the final ones although the colors on Karin's outfit aren't. The drawing style is a lot more accurate than the first one too.

In the end I went with something completely different http://www.transposeoperator.com/ as you can see.

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