Saturday, July 2, 2011

Persona 3 Mitsuru

Persona 3 Mitsuru

Messing around with color... been awhile since I did something digital and I think this proves it...
Mitsuru is one of my favs from Persona 3, she's so damn cool. I always had her as part of my final team.
it would be nice if she didn't have such daddy issues... although she's not as bad as Yukari so maybe I shouldn't complain...

Been busy with stuff as usual and got a killer sickness that made me miss about 3 days of work. I'm hoping by next week I can show you guys a preview of my MICC submission, but we'll see.

Also! TRANSPOSE OPERATOR MERCHANDISE ---> it will be in the works. T-shirts first but I'd really appreciate feedback and such. so check out the link!

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