Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Levi sketches

Yay! I have time to post a sketch page! It feels like it's been forever...
I've been steadily working on my M.I.C.C. submission. It feels overwhelming but do-able which makes me happy, but there's going to be a LOT of sleepless nights in my future I can tell you that.

Anyway, the sketch page this week is Levi from my webcomic Transpose Operator. He's the kid with a bad attitude who likes casually calling Max "Boss-Man" instead of his actual name. He's the kind of kid that gives arbitrary nicknames that change frequently and are often insulting(although not in Max's case)... and that's about the only way he ever tells a "joke", seriously kid, where's your sense of humour? Lighten up!

A lot of these are process sketches but he's generally the same, a little different here and there but not much. Eventually I had his beauty mark ended up under his right eye but on some of the sketches it's on the other side since I wasn't originally sure what side to put it on.

I gotta get a sketch page together for Mary soon as there's a lot of images sitting on my computer waiting to be compiled, cleaned up, and coloured. If I make my comic page quota this weekend I'll be sure to work on that next.