Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Persona 3 Akihiko & an Announcement

Continuing on with more Persona 3...

Persona 3 Akihiko

Akihiko is pretty dumb, I can't help but laugh at him all the time for being ridiculously dense but I suppose that's why he's endearing. He loves boxing and protein... and that about sums him up.

I really love all the P3 characters, it's hard not to. Even Yukari, who I find annoying, is still a character I ended up caring about by the end of the game.

And now for.... AN ANNOUNCEMENT:
Sketchblog Wednesday's will be few and far between UNTIL THE BEGINNING OF AUGUST. The reason for this is that I'm working on a short story submission for the M.I.C.C. and it will consume ALL of my time until the deadline. Even my work on T:O is going to be significantly slowed down because of this(don't worry this won't affect updates in any way for the comic), and finding time to do weekly updates for the blog will be impossible unless I miraculously have a spare moment. I have a couple sketch submissions set up to post at certain points while the comic is running-like right before a few characters show up, but beyond that there's only going to be posts when I have time.
Just wanted to give a heads up to everyone.

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