Monday, March 28, 2011

Transpose Operator Chapter 2 Premiers!

In case you were not aware by how much I've been saying it these days, Chapter 2 of my webcomic Transpose Operator is now up! If you had previously been following the comic on CF or DA then you may have been caught up to the end of Chapter 1 for some time. However... THE LONG WAIT IS NOW OVER!

You can check out the first page here --->

I appreciate everyone who's been following the comic to this point, and all those who will be following it in the future, thank you so much for your feedback and support! I hope you continue to stick with Transpose Operator until the end! It's going to be a long ride but it'll be worth it, trust me.

Regular updates have resumed(after the week-long break between chapters) so you can check out a new page every MONDAY and FRIDAY at

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