Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fate/EXTRA CCC Optional Costumes

And the obsession with this game continues...

ANYWAY, I actually wasn't too surprised about Archers new outfit, to be honest, Bride Saber is WAAAAY more over the top and the bondage elements to her costume are much more extreme. I think the reason why I did this comic about Archer's outfit was because of his personality- I honestly can't see him choosing that outfit to wear on his own- Saber(Nero) and Caster however I could totally see wearing over the top outfits on a daily basis by choice.

Although one of the themes for this game is supposed to be a "young girl's Eros" and is a kind of "Heavens Feel" offshoot to the story presented in EXTRA. So I suppose sexualizing the characters in terms of design makes a lot of sense from that perspective.
I'm mostly interested to know how it ties into the first game as what I know about the ending makes it hard to picture.

I'm really really hoping that Aksys will be bringing over CCC, but there hasn't been any news on it yet. FINGERS CROSSED.

Below are the actual images for new outfits if you're interested.

Monday, December 12, 2011


“No offense master….but sometimes I feel more like a babysitter than a servant”

Fate/EXTRA!!! I'm super obsessed with this game right now. Guess who I'm playing as? I was glad that Archer was one of the 3 servants you can choose since he's always been one of my favorite Fate characters. I love Saber too but the Saber in Fate/EXTRA is not the Arturia Saber from the regular cannon but Nero... who's personality is almost completely the opposite. I'll try her out in another play through, but for now I'm rocking the Female Protagonist and Archer.
I'm on Week 4 right now... fighting the WEIRDEST Master yet. I chose to save Rin on my first playthrough. I'm super excited to see where the story goes... although one of the biggest plot points has already been ruined for me :(

Anyway, I've done a few more sketches that I have lined up and plan on doing more from this game, hope you don't get tired of it, haha...

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Grimoire Classmates

Working on stuff that I shouldn't be; coloring sketches because comic pages are destroying me right now and I needed a break. Here's those guys from my work in progress 2nd webcomic.

Grimoire Classmates

It's possible that the next page may be late... the first time ever...*dodging pitchforks* SORRY! - if it is, it just won't be up at midnight but it will still go up on Monday... so that's still on time, right?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Grimoire - Fate

revamped sketch from awhile ago. Finally refined it and added color. It would be cool to do an actual finished illustration of this one day and fix/add everything I want to.
Grimoire Fate
Still trying to illustrate more of the feel of this story. Also there's a new character here that I haven't shown before, he's kinda really important. Normally there's more to his outfit but I had to simplify it just because of the pose going on here, still not sold on the colors though :/ gotta work on that.
Wish I could tell you guys more about this story but for now I can't... yes I am lame like that, but there's a time for everything and when things are more finalized I can talk about it more.

In other news, my old printer/scanner combo decided to break which is the worst. I have comic pages that need scanning too. Guess I gotta see which friends are in town and if they have a scanner but I know none of them have photoshop... I feel the image looks best when you scan/import into photoshop, but maybe that's just me.

ALSO: TRANSPOSE OPERATOR CHAPTER 3 HAS BEGUN. If you weren't aware of this before you are now! Here's the cover below, yep, Levi's the lucky guy on the cover(or not so lucky)
Transpose Chapter 3 Cover-Roxy Polk
First page of the new chapter goes up on Friday! So pay attention! This next chapter is gonna be the craziest most action packed one yet, and it's where I feel the story finally gets started. Chapters 1 and 2 are more like exposition really compared to the whole of this story. It's kinda nerve racking in a way, I feel like I've been rehearsering a play for 3 years in my head and now It's finally going on stage...

Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Blog Header

I've been meaning to do this for some time actually but I had so many other projects that it got pushed to the side and forgotten for awhile.
Just like with the last one this one features the main character from comics/novels/game/etc that I'm working on. I can't expand too much on the individual projects but I can give you a short run down.

Karin - Transpose Operator
New Blog Header Karin
Karin is the main character from my webcomic Tranpose Operator. She wakes up with no memory in a strange facility where the caretakers are far from human with bad intentions to boot. She gets drawn into the various conflicts that are going on in her world as she tries to figure out the truth of who she is and how she got to the facility while trying to stay alive in the process. It's a post apocalyptic sci-fi epic that's currently updating and is the only story so far that's had content published whether in print or on the internet. 
Karin is also 25,the oldest main character of the group and the second one that I created out of the 5 above.

Mia Harvent - Grimoire(Temp title)
New Blog Header Mia
Mia is the main character from the 2nd webcomic that I'm developing right now. It's still in the planning stages so things could change around a lot, I may even change Mia's name, however the characters and most of their base relationships are solidified, and the premise is solid. It's going to be a kind of urban fantasy story that focuses on magical tomes called Grimoires and a war that's been going on behind the scenes involving multiple worlds and the space between them.
Out of the above characters Mia is the newest one I've created, and at 17 she's the second youngest.

Adele Tanner - Meggido
New Blog Header Adele
Adele belongs to the first story I ever created that I decided to keep developing. Before Meggido there were MANY MANY other stories and ideas, all of which got tossed for one reason or another, the main reason being they just weren't good enough. The story went through a ton of changes before it found it's direction. Meggido is an epic set in a low-fantasy world in which Adele is accused of a crime she didn't commit and is forced to leave her country to survive and ultimately prove her innocence, there's a lot of political intrigue, and crazy science and military stuff going on... also... Sky Pirates. Originally this was going to be a comic, and it probably will be once I feel I have the time to take it on, but I think in a perfect world it would be an animated series or a video game.
Adele is 19, and if you've been paying attention you'll be able to guess that she's the oldest character I've created out of those above.

Sera - Eyes of the Chosen(Temp Title)
New Blog Header Sera
Sera's story isn't super defined right now, but I have a good direction for it in terms of characters and set up, however the plot/scenario changes quite frequently as I'm not sure what direction I want the theme to take. For now it's a sci-fi fantasy story set in a futuristic metropolis. Sera shows a certain kind of potential and is scouted for a specialized secret academy where the learning curve is almost impossible to keep up with, and the complicated political situations in the city make things even harder. The more I work on this story the more I'm convinced that an Illustrated Novel, or a Visual Novel would be the best medium for it, and not a comic. 
Sera is the youngest at 16 and is right behind Mia as the 2nd newest character in the line-up. 

Kiley Monad - Snow Red(Temp title)
New Blog Header Kiley
Kiley was originally the secondary main character in a story about a group of kids making a documentary involving the prejudice in their world as they come to realized that everything around them is not as it seems. However the more I worked on this story the more I realized that Kiley was actually the main character. The basic world premise and character relationships remained the same, but it's not about them making a movie anymore. It's a low sci-fi story taking place in a gritty city that has the episodic premise of Kiley and his friends being draw into the lives of people in the city and helping them until things start to get serious and they realize what's going on in their world. This is another story that I had thought to turn into a Visual Novel and had actually put work into making it one, however I'm not so sure what medium I'd like to do this story in now... it's hard to say.
Kiley is 17, the same as Mia, and is the middle child as he was created in-between all the characters in the banner.

So that's everyone. I have several other series in development but these are the ones getting the most attention right now... although I suppose these days Transpose Operator gets 90% of the attention, Grimoire get 9%, and the others share the last 1%... haha... ah well, such is life. I feel like I'll never have enough time to do all the things I want to but at least that means I'm never depressed over having no direction, right? I'm hoping that eventually when I get Transpose Operator down to a science it'll afford more time to work on everything else, but for now, I'm content to let it take up my time.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Group Hug

Group Hug

Transpose Operator is going on a short break in-between chapters. Originally it was just going to be a week-long break, but it's now officially a 2 week break. If you haven't heard I've been working on an entry for the Morning International Comic Competition (MICC), the deadline is coming up so I have to work extra hard on it and it alone- I've even cashed in my vacation days to finish it so you know it's crunch time.
In the meantime I'm going to be posting art here to the sketchblog and Transpose Operator will resume on Monday, November 7th! So mark your calendars!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Panacea pages

So these are the first 4 pages of my short story submission for the Morning International Comic Competition(MICC), Panacea.

I'm going to be posting larger versions on DA too if this size is too small for some readers. It's been awhile since I worked on a short story but I gotta say it's fun. It's nice to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel for a project to be finished. Don't get me wrong, longer stories are my favorite and it's good to know what you're working on next, but having a change of pace like this is really nice.

I've got a lot more pages but... again I'm not sure when I can upload them/I kinda want to print this thing if it doesn't win the MICC. So we'll see. ANYWAY! Hope you had fun reading this preview!

Check out the larger pages on Deviantart!

Saturday, October 15, 2011


So I've been talking about my MICC entry for some time... and haven't shown anything from it yet. Mostly because I've been so busy with the content creation, but I finally wanted to show you guys some sketches from it. It's called Panacea, and you'll understand why after you've read it... haha...

It's about "mermaid-monsters" and a village on a small island on the ocean with a secret.
I'm almost 3/4 of the way done with it... behind schedule but I know I'll be able to get it in on time.

the main character-Kanna is the little girl in the front. She looks a little older in this sketch than what she turned out looking like in the comic, she's about 11 or 12. The white haired bishonen guy is the 2nd main character.

The kids at Campfire(before and after school program where I work) got ahold of my sketchbook one day and when they saw these thought the bishonen guy was a girl, when they said that I knew I was right on the mark. I usually don't draw "pretty" guys, I was actually worried about making him look right but it turns out I had nothing to worry about. Haha!

Panacea Sketch Comp 2
These are earlier sketches when the story was about 2 sisters. After going through edits and reviews the younger sister got cut and Kanna's age got reduced, originally she was around 16 or 17. I was messing around with style too, I had been thinking about doing a more simplified character style... but... that didn't end up happening.

Tomorrow I'll be posting a few pages as a preview, so make sure you check back!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Transpose Operator Profile

Was doing some copic marker stuff the other day while watching a bad movie. This is a character from Transpose Operator who will be showing up in Chapter 4.
The color of his hair is all wrong, he just has brown hair... but I didn't have the right color marker so it's kinda redish here, oh well. It's a lot of fun to draw with color in an analog medium, I get so used to coloring in the computer that I forget what it's like if I don't remind myself from time to time.

Gonna try and post some preview stuff for my MICC entry in the next few days... it's about time, right?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Doing some more lighting exercises with fall colors. Maybe I'll do something that's actually fall themed next time.
Levi Flame
Levi is always fun to draw even though he looks pissed off all the time... maybe I just like drawing angry characters or something. Then again they all have a reason for it, they're not just angry for the sake of it.
ANYWAY, he's going to be doing some cool stuff next chapter so watch for it!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Transpose Operator Karin Hard Light

Transpose Operator Karin Intense

So excited for things to pick up again in Transpose Operator. Chapter 3 is going to be all kinds of crazy stuff happening.
This sketch was from an earlier outfit design before I had decided on a few details for Karin's new outfit. she will be getting a cool poncho/cape thing later too which if you were paying attention to some earlier sketch pages you may have noticed.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Bang Bang more Grimoire Story stuff

Did I tell you I love October? Halloween is one of my favourite holidays and I love the seasonal foods, Pumpkin-Spice Lattes and iced pumpkin muffins are the best :D.
I wanted to make an effort to do some creepy art this month and here's the first.
This was actually really fun. I like working with silhouettes. Originally it was supposed to be a gif and animate between the above image and this one:
for added creep factor, but I couldn't figure it out in CS5... and it was taking up too much of my time by the point that I was overly frustrated with it. So... on a different day and maybe even when I'm working on a different project I'll figure that function out.

So yes, more art from my WIP 2nd webcomic. I have so many sketches back logged, including massive Transpose Operator sketch page compilations. Poor Casey has had his page on the back-burner for so long...

Sunday, October 9, 2011

More Grimoire Story Sketches

More sketches of these guys.
These two ladies are good friends, although they don't start out that way. As energetic as our main character is, her friend is far more cheerful. They always seem to have fun together no matter what.

I'm been withholding the names of all the characters in this new story mostly because some of them may change as they have several times already. I could at least give the names they have now when I do specific posts for each character. I want to do it eventually but I'm not sure when that's going to happen.

Right now I'm a little more than halfway through my MICC submission. As fun as it is I can't wait for it to be over and sent out in the mail! Still gotta ponder on how I'm going to post it online... and I may not even be able to until the contest is over and judged which is in March sometime which would be a bummer :/ but we'll see.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Transpose Operator Karin Character Page - DONE!

This went up last night!

Whoo! It's done at last! I had some issues coming up with the right graphic look for these images but in the end I'm pretty pleased with it! haha- it looks a lot like a video game menu, right? Maybe I'm going through withdrawals...

since this version is a little small you can find the full version on the appropriate Transpose Operator page:

Max is next up on the list- then Levi, then Mary. It's a toss up between Casey and Nel after that... but I have a feeling that Nel is going to win in the end(she usually does).

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Transpose Operator Character Images - Karin

If anyone has been checking the Transpose Operator site regularly they may have seen this
I've been working on the character pages for Transpose Operator for some time now... but in-between insane work schedules so that I can eat and exist as a person, my MICC submission, and updating T:O pages it's been slow going....
however finally I can get into completing those pages now that I have some complete images! So I wanted to let you all see a preview!

This version is still a little rough around the edges but it's basically the final version. I'm going to do images like this for every character- at least the main ones, some minor characters may just get bust shots, we'll see. I have a bunch of line art backlogged to finish these for all the characters that have been introduced and for a few that haven't been seen yet.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Grimoire Dramatic


This was some concept stuff for the school uniforms at the private school that the characters attend. I really like the design but I don't think it really jives with the story or this characters sense of style. But still it was fun to make. Who knows, maybe I'll use it somewhere along the way- Winter uniforms? 

I'm still working out a lot of kinks considering their school... it's changed a lot along the way. I think some of the issues had to do with the story taking place in a fictional American city... and American schools don't implement school uniforms... but I LOVE designing/drawing school uniforms... so now it's a private school cause that's the only way I can justify it. Okay that's not COMPLETELY true, there's a lot of other reasons why it had to be a private school, so the uniforms were a nice bonus.

Still working on my MICC entry! Over 1/4th of the way through! I can't wait till it's done, it's actually turning out pretty good if I do say so myself.

Everyone Is Friends
And these guys... this is basically how they all work together as of now. Just a quick sketch to illustrate their relationships, they're a pretty good group of friends. The two guys have been friends the longest, they're pretty good bros.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hooded Shadow Fight

More stuff from my work in progress 2nd webcomic. This girl is the main character, although I may switch up the narrative so we'll see. She's definitely fun to draw.

Shadow Fight
She really likes to fight and has excellent hand to hand combat skills... this has gotten her in trouble more than once to be sure... she's a tomboy who wouldn't wear skirts if she didn't have to since they're impractical, so she wears shorts under her skirt. If she needs to high-kick someone she doesn't want be embarrassed by her attire.

Man this week was crazy... I've been so busy and the deadline for the MICC is coming up soon. I plan to post at least the first 10 pages here so you can read it :) I want to find a way to post it online in it's entirety eventually. A way to do that may be to do updates on the Transpose Operator site or something. I want to make a site for short stories but since I only have 1 that's presentable and a million other things to do I'm not sure when that's gonna happen but it's on the "to do" check list.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Grimoire Story Sketches


I've been working on the story with these guys for quite some time. I have a TON of sketches of them that I've been dying to show off for about a year now... however until I have more time and more of the details hammered out I won't be able to work on the website and content for this comic for who knows how long. But I can tell you that it's going to be the 2nd webcomic that I publish(After Transpose Operator) and update regularly... And it's going to be in color(that's the plan anyway).


it's just a matter of time before it happens... which basically means once I'm far enough ahead in Transpose Operator I can start working on this, but I'm going to be honest I can see it taking me at least a year if not longer to debut it. The donate button for Transpose Operator could make or break my plans for this story coming out sooner, but It's not even up yet so we'll see... and 3 updates a week for Transpose Operator is more important to me right now than having another comic to worry about.


I'm not sure how many details I'll be posting but I plan to upload more images for this story-Which doesn't have a title yet- I've just been calling it "Grimoire Story" for over a year now since that's basically what the focus of the story so it's the working title atm.
A lot of things for it are still very flexible right now as you can see from the images above too.


I can tell you that the characters in this story are younger than the Transpose Operator characters, it's basically about a group of high school kids... which I know, I know, we've all heard THAT story before... but trust me on this, I'm trying my hardest to make it something different.

I'll probably be posting more art for this story since there is a lot of it, so look forward to seeing more of these guys!

Monday, September 12, 2011

The End of Chapter 2!

Today marks the last page of chapter 2… but don’t despair there’s going to be the question and answer section coming up! I was able to answer all the submitted questions so if you asked questions on the site or through email look forward to being featured in the extra pages.

There will also be some guest pages, a short week long break, and then chapter 3 will start back up in October! I’ll make sure to keep you all updated with the exact date that Chapter 3 will debut on when it draws near. In the meantime I’ll be posting art to my blog and should have a few new things up for the site in conjunction with Chapter 3 coming online, so there’s going to be all sorts of fun stuff to look forward to!

If you're new to Transpose Operator Check out the link below!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Character sketches

These guys don't belong to any particular story, they're just fun to draw.




The girl has ice powers and is rather sullen. She tends to feel pretty entitled also almost like a princess or a queen.

This guy is pretty informal and doesn't pay much attention to customs or pleasantries, he basically does what he wants. He's pretty skilled with twin swords.

These two probably won't get their own story, but they're fun for me to draw so you'll probably see them again.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Transpose Operator Super 8

Some characters here you guys won't recognize yet... Chapter 3 and chapter 4 will introduce them respectively. I'm so excited for you guys to meet them :D

Also as a reminder, if you want to be featured in the Transpose Operator comic then ask a question and you'll be featured at the extra section at the end of chapter 2! For more info check this post! ---->HERE!<----
Also I'm going to be setting up the donate button and the store pretty soon(around chapter 3 debut), and I've been steadily working on the characters section, it's been taking awhile since I've been so backlogged and my work schedule is crazy... but they're in the works.

Super 8 Color
Consequently here's a (slightly)colored version.

Also just as a heads up there will be a week long break in-between chapters 2 and 3. Don't have the dates yet but I will let you know as soon as I do.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nel Sketch Page

Nel is a lady with a bad temper, in case you haven't noticed. She's the second youngest member of the Resistance group aboard the ELDRIC. Not only does she have a bad temper, but she gets set off really easily... especially when a certain person is involved.

When I originally created her design her hair flippies weren't so apparent... but the more I've drawn her the more exaggerated they've become, it's pretty funny looking back now. Consequently her first design was older and had dreds... I wish I could find the sketch book that had those but I think it's been lost to time and space.

SIDE NOTE: this was posted late because I've taken on a crazy schedule right now. I'm working 3 jobs that equates to about 12hrs a day... and then I somehow have to get art done(comics, portfolio, stuff for the website, comic contest entry), apply to jobs, and somehow sleep. So while I'm getting used to this new schedule there may be delays to blog posts or comic page notifications.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Chibi Website Page Headers

Continuing on with rejected website ideas... I was going to have images at the tops of the various pages within the site with individual characters. However the chibi style really doesn't jive with Transpose Operator... so it was dropped immediately. But I did get as far as inking some of the designs.






I may improve some of the page headers in the future... but I want them to be type-font not images.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Transpose Operator Header Prototypes

When I was making the Transpose Operator site I went through a number of different ideas for the look of the site before deciding on the final one. Here's 2 of the former headers.

This was the first one.
Transpose Operator Banner Prototype Zero
It was way too shiny, the outfit on Karin didn't fit for SO many reasons and the anatomy was wrong :/ It was one of the first color things I did of Max so this was the image where I finalized some of his colors.

And this was the second one.
Transpose Operator Header
The outfits here were the final ones although the colors on Karin's outfit aren't. The drawing style is a lot more accurate than the first one too.

In the end I went with something completely different as you can see.