Monday, April 26, 2010

Prince of Persia


Guess who likes Prince of Persia? Go on, guess.
I'm waiting.
Okay, it's me. I got the 360 version for my birthday last year and just couldn't put it down till I beat it. It's one of the most beautiful games I've ever seen, and I actually ended up liking the characters a lot more than I thought I would, they were kind of annoying at first, but I came to love the Prince and Elika throughout the journey of the game :)

I'm super bummed that the new game coming out is going to be featuring the old prince and won't be continuing the storyline from the newest game. I don't mind waiting for the sequel... but I can't help but feel a little anxious that they won't pick it up again... D: it's just me being paranoid... right...? A lot of the "hardcore" fans were bitching about this game not being a new Sands of Time, so I'm worried that Ubisoft just caved to the fans to leech off of their old franchise who's story has obviously ended, instead of making something new and original and continuing what they started.
Time will tell I guess...

I'm still crossing my fingers just in case!


Katy Farina said...

Uh, so I like how just now my blogger told me you updated this. Oh well.

I need to play this game. It's true. What you showed me was beautiful, and even the like 30 seconds of cutscene I watched was really enjoyable.

Do want!

Roxy said...

you totally have to play it Katy! DO IT!

lol, also I'm doing backlogged posting since I've been neglecting this blog lately... ahaha...

Katy Farina said...

...That explains everything!

Roxy, you cheater! :(