Saturday, January 2, 2010

Friday, January 1, 2010

First post of the New year and it's not even a New Year image...

ARGH! IT HAS BEEN FOREVER! sorry I don't have anything beyond a sketch. working on like a million projects, plus IRL issues, have been getting in the way... *sigh*

anyway, this is the main character of a story I've been working on since this past summer. It's changed and morphed a lot, but the main characters for the most part are the same. If any of you are familiar with the "Far Away" RP forum, then you'll know who I'm talking about when I say that Noah has been incorporated into this story. Unfortunately I do not have a name for it as the one I have for now is dumb and is in reference to a topic that may not even be incorporated into the story any more.

In any case, the story is a Science and Technology meets magic story where magic and high science(Like androids and immersible Net or Web functions) are a prominent part of the world, and something that everyone is familiar with. There's monsters and stuff too. It's something that needs a lot of work but I'm really excited about the idea.
The main character is Sera(16years old), and here she is in this sketch below. She's gone through a number of different haircuts, but I'm pretty sure about this one. I may actually color this sketch at some point, I just hope I get enough time to as I'd really like to finish it!