Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Looking Glass Comic site!

ah, I bet you guys thought that I had forgotten about this place, huh? I've been working for the most part on Transpose Operator so I haven't been doing much with Meggido... also... in regards to that... I'm doing an anthology with a bunch of friends(contact us if you want in :D), I'm not using Meggido, but a short story that I came up with 2 years ago and had been meaning to do. It's gonna be 2 chapters long as well. Anyway, I'll talk more about that story at a later date, but why I'm mentioning it is because as soon as that story is done I will officially begin work on Meggido. It's been a long time since I came up with it, but now I have an inescapable deadline that I'm holding myself to. It will be wonderful to finally start on it, but it's a humongous story... so it's going to be a daunting task to undertake, I hope that you'll all follow along with me when I start it. There will be changes from things that I've talked about previously on this blog regarding the story and characters, but I'm sure no one remembers any of that stuff anyway, right?

So yeah, now back to the topic at hand(i.e. the title of this post...), I'm going to be posting Looking Glass on ComicFury, along with Transpose Operator. Updates will be Wednesday and Sunday. Once I get done with chapter 1, chapter 2 might take awhile to get started, for that I apologize in advance, but I guarantee it will be much better than chapter 1.
So without further ado, click the image below to check out Looking Glass at it's new ComicFury home.


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