Friday, July 31, 2009

100th post!

I figured it would be more dramatic, but it's not even an art post but an info post. Kinda lame I know... but there's big news involved... kinda...

Transpose Operator now has it's own comic site. For now the blog is still the main base of operations, but to read actual content this site will be much easier and looks pretty nice actually.

This comic hosting site has a built in blog for each web-comic that you post. So depending on how well I end up doing there I may remove the current blog in favor of the one combined with the site. We'll just have to see.

Also, my brother has started a webcomic, you should check it out :)
It's basically about him and his friends. Never thought I'd see the day when he'd have a tablet.
As usual it will have a permanent spot in the links list.


Katy Farina said...

CONGRATULATIONS~~! I'll definitely have to keep up with both now. :D How exciting!

That is the most accurate depiction of your brother I've ever seen. And, I assume, his friends. :0

Ajahli said...

YAY!! The website looks great!

Hmm I was thinking of changing over to smackjeeves or some comic hosting site for Grim Reaper School but idk.. is it nice hosting? easy to update and all that?

Time to catch up with pages! :D