Monday, July 27, 2009


New page on Transpose Operator. I am going to be posting weekly updates on Mondays and Fridays (for realz this time guys...), so check for new comic pages. Gotta start working on a website... I keep saying that but... I NEED to get it done, preferably sooner rather than later.

Also I've been going through Meggido and have been cutting and simplifying things greatly. I still need to finalize a few big decisions and re-write the outline before I can be sure of the storyline now. Not committing to anything at this point though.
Will let you know for sure when I orginize the anthology info and send out an email to all interested parties. Been late on getting this done for various reasons that I won't get into now, but there will be a formal announcement when the time is right.

So here's a poll question for anyone reading:
Should the Anthology have a seperate blog?


I know that having to post your work in two seperate places can be confusing and possibly too much work. I don't want to cause a headache on this. I'll be using the Meggido story for my submission, so I could just post all updates here? But even if I put up links to other's pages and such will people actually check(Not a whole lot of traffic here afterall...)? I just don't know, so you guys let me know what you think. Hopefully I can have a descision on it made in time for the info email.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Roxy! I should say... NO, I recommend you can write same blog about your anthology! Coz, it's pretty hard to keep updating two or three blogs at t he same time... ah, yes, now I can't handle my blogs, that's why I recommended! I'll send you something soon, please wait a little bit!
from Asuka