Tuesday, June 2, 2009


No, not by me! My wonderfully talented friend Asuka from Japan has done an awesome fan art for Looking Glass!

T-T had to shrink the image! One of these days I'll learn how to manipulate the blogger templates in HTML so I can post larger images!

Check Asuka's website HERE! It's also in the links list if you ever want to reefer to it later :)

Also, Since the first chapter takes place in the past (kinda) If/when I do the second Chapter Liam will have his pinz-nez and his old hair style. So yeah, there's that.


Francesca said...

Beautiful, as you know. It's so cool to see fanart of your stuff. Your comic is official real! In an anthology AND fanart.

I switched up the blog some weeks ago. All of the stuff that isn't there is archived away, so now it's time to fill up a new one with new work : ).

Anonymous said...

That's pretty sweet!

Anonymous said...

OMG... Please make your AWESOMEREALLYEXTREMELYTALENTED friend draw some of my characters sometime! *Drool over the awesomeness.* :O~~