Saturday, April 18, 2009



Rough sketch with some colors slapped on, would have drawn the rest of the gun but my sketch book is too small.

.... back to work!

Also I'm doing the mascot for an online store, I'm going to ask if I can post process and finished work etc. to show you all.
Also I have not been checking peoples blogs lately '~' after school is done you guys are going to get a flood of backlogged comments from me, just giving you a heads up :)

okay... back to work for real now...!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

BURST! Anthology and Looking Glass Cover

I have recently been invited to join the Comic Anthology BURST! for it's first issue and if all goes well, subsequent issues. This will be my first legitimate contribution to the comic world so I'm super excited. Marc who's in charge is also very nice and is very flexible which has helped more than he knows I'm sure :) anyway, you can visit the BURST! blog here and check out the other people who are involved with it.
I'm going to be submitting the first chapter of Looking Glass, which is my senior project so it won't be going up online like I had previously promised. I may be able to swing the first few pages though depending on what Marc says. I can post the illustrations and such as he only wants b&w for the book... unless I'm wrong about that too '~'

Anyway, here's the cover page, it took way too long for no reason...

as you can see, Alice's hair color has changed from the last time you saw her. It's a marked improvement in my opinion and honestly was the color I wanted to make her hair from the beginning. I have no idea what possessed me to make her hair pink earlier...

Anyway, Alice and Liam are all set to solve some crimes! You guys will be able to buy the story of their first meeting in delicious print this year :) Chapter two will introduce the third main character, Felix Reed, and FBI agent. I'll do a proper post later introducing the story and characters for the world of Looking Glass.

I'm going to start working on a Web Site once I'm done with the first chapter also, so it'll be easier to navigate things, but since I know jack about html it will take some time... I'll keep you posted!