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Character Profiles

Below is a post from the Meggido News blog. I'm thinking about taking that blog down since it complicates things and I should just get a website for this kind of stuff(Or pay someone to make one for me...). So without further ado:



Since I realized this was long overdue and I wanted anyone who stumbled on my blog to know about my characters and the story that this blog focus's is on.
(At the moment the profile pics are just clips from from previous illustrations, but I will be making some specific ones to use later)


PhotobucketADELE TANNER: The main character of the story, Adele is 19 years old and a very serious person. She's quick to come up with a plan and has confidence in herself and her abilities. Right now she's employed in the Nephris Military, hiding her identity as the next crown princess of Nephris, she was adopted into the family. She's been given the terrible nickname of "Iron Maiden" by her colleagues for her attitude and excellent marksmanship skills. A tragedy befalls her family on the night of an important conference meeting with international officials, causing her to have to flee her country branded as a traitor. Before she leaves she saves Lillia who accompanies her. But because of her involvement with Lillia, the mysterious Veritas Organization is after the two of them. She not only has to avoid her own country's grasp, but Veritas as well.
PhotobucketLILLIA: About 10 years old, she is a mute girl who has the mysterious power to produce any weapon out of thin air. She was found under the Nephris castle in a strange glass chamber filled with transparent liquid. Adele saves her and the two of them escape from Nephris city. She seems to be able to write as that was how she communicated her name to Adele. Lillia is curious of the world around her and often times wanders off when she finds something interesting, seeming to have no motivation beyond that, she follows Adele around. She does not need to eat food either, mysteriously enough.
PhotobucketCLAUS HOBBES: A 24 year old doctor working for the Nephris military, he's been there for a little over 4 years. He and Adele are best friends, and he is the only person besides her family that knows her identity(Although this may change in the final version). Claus is cautious and often times gets caught up in the flow of things, but he knows when something has to be done and goes for it when necessary. He has exceptional skills as a surgeon as he comes from a family rooted in the hospital business. He helps Adele escape but she refuses to let him follow, so Claus decides to use his time to try and find out what's going on behind the scenes in Nephris city before heading out on his own.
PhotobucketALEC CALE: 23 years old and a prominent agent of the Veritas Organization. He has been designated with the task of capturing Lillia. A sarcastic, loud mouthed playboy, he's exceedingly confident due to his superhuman abilities in strength, agility, coordination, and basically everything else; the only draw back is that he has to take pills regularly or suffer the concequenses. Alec attends the conference under the guise of an international ambassador as a pre-text for getting into the Nephris castle so that he can capture Lillia... but things don't go as planned and the explosion he sets off ends up getting Adele involved. As a result he has to pursue Adele and Lillia. He follows his orders but seems to have another hidden agenda.
PhotobucketDARCY: 22 years old, and a Sky Pirate currently serving as the gunner on the airship Alto under the command of Horace Forsyth. Darcy is a relatively mellow guy, but when he doesn't like something it shows. Although he's the gunner on the ships he's sort of a Jack of all trades like the other 3 crew members. Due to the small crew size he needs to be good at a lot of things... including getting used to having no money and a crazy captain. Darcy is one of the first people to believe that Adele is innocent, alongside Horace. Darcy joined the crew mysteriously a few years ago and only goes by a single name that seems to be an alias. He never talks about his past, and seems to be hiding something.


PhotobucketMaya: She looks to be around 18 years old and is the leader of the Veritas Organization. Not much is known about her, but one thing is certain, her strength is absolute. She has a large number of people working under her, and despite the way she looks, it would be a bad idea to underestimate her. Maya seems a little off her rocker most of the time, but even so she is very smart. She keeps Xavier close to her but she doesn't seem to care for him as much as he does her. Her true intentions and plans seem uncertain at this point, one thing is for sure though, her organization can effect things on a global scale.

PhotobucketXavier: Maya's right hand man and lover, he appears to be the same age as her. If Maya's mental state is off kilter, then you could say that Xavier is off the deep end, he seems to enjoy hurting others and fighting in general, but despite that he loves Maya very much. He has a severe dislike of Alec due to the fact that Maya seems to rely on him for jobs. Xavier is also strangely powerful and underestimating him would not be wise either.

PhotobucketEzekiel Raleigh: 20 years old and part of the Royal family and a prominent member of the Euthyphro Department. His father wanted him to take over the department entirely, but he refused because he didn’t want to be behind a desk delegating, and instead wanted to be directly involved with protecting the city. He’s a typical nice guy and has always supported Adele, in fact he goes out of his way to protect her from the social hardships of her position. He’s the type who stands up for what he believes in. He is Adele's foster brother and in the beginning helps Claus find out about what is happening in Nephris before taking over completely.

PhotobucketAlexander Raleigh: 29 and Adele and Ezekiel's brother, Alexander is a prominent member of the senate and also very involved in the scientific research department. He was part of the team who recovered Lillia and knows of her potential, when she is freed he sends people to pursue her and Adele. An overly confident man who is an expert at public speaking and keeping his composure. He’s good at analyzing people and in turn, good at manipulating them. He does love his wife though, despite whatever awful things he may do.

PhotobucketJulius Raleigh: Age: 54, M. Ruler of Nephris. He makes sure that his country stays neutral so as not to be mixed international disputes which could lead to war, they were lucky to avoid the last one 8 years ago this way. His wife died right after Ezekiel was born, so with no other female heir, he adopted Adele. He’s not a very talkative man outside of social occasions, but knows how to delegate and run a country. He is quite popular among his people, but those in the senate are growing restless of his leadership.

PhotobucketMelena Forsyth: A 30 year old woman who's quite sarcastic and has a no-nonsense sort of attitude, and heaven help you if you make her mad. She loves her husband very much and it was her that ended up turning him into a Sky pirate. The two of them worked on her fathers Pirate ship the Alto, he gave the ship to Horace once he got a better one. She traveled the world with her father as a Sky pirate and eventually met Horace in Rhein when there for long haul repairs. She is the Alto's navigator and basically makes sure that everything gets done.

PhotobucketHorace Forsyth: The 29 year old Captain of the Alto Airship, he and his wife are Sky pirates. An upbeat and jovial man, he was quite the influence on Darcy when he first joined their crew and acts like a little kid often. He likes to make jokes and talks rather loudly. He thinks of Galilee like a child and scolds her when she needs it, but most of the time he's the one being told off by her. He is originally from Enstilias, but moved to Rhein when he was 15, he met his wife 3 years later. He has a terrible sense of direction which often causes him to get lost.

PhotobucketGalilee Mirim: The 21 year old Mechanic on the Alto. Galilee is a very confidant and spirited woman who hopes to marry a rich guy some day. She's not afraid to get dirty while working on the ship and loves machines, she cleans up very nice however. She's normally always yelling at Horace because he's doing something crazy or because of how broke they are all the time. She takes it upon herself to change Adele's look so that no one can recognize her. She's pretty fashion conscious.

Photobucket(Old picture is old...)Quincy: 35 years old, his wife and son were killed by a certain man 10 years ago. Quincy used to be a solider in the Enstiltas army but after his family was murdered he became a bounty hunter to find that particular man. He lost his eye in the war. Quincy is not a very talkative man, but knows how to handle people and is a very good leader who works well under pressure.

Photobucket(Ancient picture is ancient...)Pen: An 11 year old boy, he seems quite similar to Lillia. Very quiet spoken, he usually has a small smile across his face, you can never tell what he’s thinking. He was in a lab in Enstiltas before Maya saved him. Ever since then he has been by her side. He can communicate with Lillia through his mind, if he has other powers they are unknown.


And that concludes the re-posting. I added 2 extra characters and now everyone has an image by their name. Sorry that some of them aren't colored... really, Dean and Allia should be on here too... but for some reason I can't find the scans :<

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I love your characters! They're great! I envy you so bad, you draw really good. Everyone always tells me I'm great, but it gets annoying. They should give credit to people that are better, like you for instance..... :] I also want to make a manga, but I'm not sure if a 13-year-old could do that. heh *sweat* :D Keep up the good work!