Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sketch Dump

Been meaning to compile some sketches I've done lately from Meggido. Wish I had something more substantial to post(since this is my main story after all...) but that'll have to wait until after I graduate.
Maybe I should try and ask for guest art or sketches? If any of you guys want to do some so that I can have some more action for Meggido stuff that'd be awesome! Sketches, comics, illustration, stick figure art, heck I don't care, anything would be fantastic! Just comment or email to let me know and I'll post your stuff here :D. Say it with me: "Free PR" come on, you know you wanna do it!

The tree with Text is a working logo/title, pretty sure I'll be going with that or something similar in the end.

I also did some T-shirt designs, now that I think about it I should have included those, ah well, another day I guess.

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