Sunday, February 1, 2009

Meggido Childhood Backstory

I just finished uploading and linking all 14 pages of the Meggido Childhood Backstory. It took awhile to make it, and was rushed in some places... but yeah... I gained some knowledge and skill from this that I can apply to future projects so it's all good! Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading :D I also uploaded this to Deviantart for easy browsing.


also, if anyone knows an easier way to browse, or finds the Deviantart way difficult let me know.

EDIT: I forgot to add that this is like a modern day retelling of their backstory, because as you know Meggido takes place in a universe/dimension/whatever different from our own. Just realized that I forgot to add that...


Francesca said...

This works well, with all the links and things!
We really need to find a way to post comic pages. Okay, website, I know, much wooooork... :(

Roxy Polk said...

Good, I'm glad that it's easy to read. I was wondering if navigating away from the page would make things more difficult or not.

And yes, you're almost done! Keep at it!

...I have to start making mine too '~'

[TANK] said...

Glad to see you're posting again, very nice pages btw. Hope things are well, don't work yourself to death =P