Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Foster's Storyboard etc.

So I'm back in school and as you can see I got lazy over break and did not post, and by the time I got back and wanted to I was too busy. Gonna try and change that.
A lot of the stuff I will be posting from now on will be for senior project, and even though I had been dead set since 2 years ago about what my senior project would be, I've decided to go in a completely different direction.
Before I was going to do the first Chapter of Meggido, but now I'm going to do a self contained detective story. I figured that something self contained would be better. The two main character's are below, but the girl's hair color is going to change to something more normal.

Just a sneak peak.....

And this is something from Storyboard class, I chose a scene from Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends.(CLICK FOR FULL VIEW! If I made it fit to here you'd never be able to read it...)

Next post will be my Comic 4 final from before Christmas break. I haven't scanned it yet that's why I didn;t post it earlier. But it is Meggido content and 16 pages, so hopefully it will make up for lack of updates(Who am I kidding, no it won't...)


Katy Farina said...

Oh fun!! I want to know more about this new project~! We for sure should hang out this weekend. :) I'm free both Saturday and Sunday, and I don't mind going over there if it's easier (I'll probably be at my studio for most of the weekend anyway).

I'll probably still have the sniffles, though... I don't know how germophobic you guys are. :P But if you don't mind that I'll be sneezing a bunch, I'd love to do story stuff!

modernreaper said...


fff I love Mac's facial expressions xD and blue's "Pleeeeeease" xD!!

Moar comic pages! *wacks with newspaper*

P.S. If you do need help with your website I would be more than happy to help :D *hides newspaper and smiles*