Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wisdom Teeth

So Merry Christmas to me, I get my wisdom teeth out a few day after going back home.
I' d make a joke about that Christmas song about 2 front teeth but it feels a little expected so I won't... plus I can't think of anything witty right now.

Anyway, while waiting in the office before surgery I drew a sketch of Black Jack since it seemed appropriate. Been watching/reading a lot of this lately and have grown rather attached to it.

After I came home..... I looked a little like a Chipmunk... I wanted both hands free instead of just holding the icepak to my face for hours, so I came up with some.... creative devises on how to do that...
I forgot how much fun, and how frustrating Crash Bandicoot was. It really took me back though. Some levels I breezed through and others I just kept dying on. I think the Hog levels are my favorite though. Those of you who have played the FIRST game know what I'm talking about.
Sucks that I didn't bring any games from Minneapolis. ah well... it'll motivate me to work more, riiiiight?.... maybe...
Well instead of working on "productive art" I made my first Gunpla, a Lancelot Kit.
And there he is all finished.

He's guarding my desk along with Plenair-san and C.C. eating Pizza....

My new workspace for the next month. Ah, the desk feels just like home.... in fact I'm pretty sure it's the same crummy card table from SAMS club.
Anyway, bottom line is I get my scanner/printer back and will be trying to post more. I want to make a Christmas picture, but it's worked out so well for Halloween that I won't promise that it'll get done right now....


Francesca B said...

You did a kit!!! Painting and everything!? It looks fantastic!

Wisdom teeth, Christmas...yep.

Love the sketches...haha, poor you with your ice pack. I can't imagine that'd be fun. It seems like it get in the way of seeing the game.
Still, I love the "dailies".

I love your other sketches too, especially the one of Adele. Of course she can get dressed up.

Ed Choy Moorman said...

making models! you're like a small, female Mr. Beatty!
(My best friend from HS and I once bought a Captain Kirk model with a gift certificate but have never made it.)

Anonymous said...

Yay. <3 Black Jack.