Friday, December 12, 2008

Links +3 strength

My wonderful illustrator friend Sam's blog has been added to the list, make a habit of checking it out as he has awesome stuffs to offer. You can find him at:

Also, my comic publishing class now has it's website up, you can see the collection of diary comics of the other students. It's a pretty decently sized body of work made by very talented people so I highly recommend that you all check it out:

And Finally, my friend and neighbor Casey has a bodacious sketch blog as well that I highly recommend visiting. She's also a comic girl and we know the world needs more of those. You can find her here:

1 comment:

modernreaper said...

O:! You guys have a website yay! For some reason I thought Ed had graduated already 8D

Oh well, I are to be bookmarking now! ^^