Friday, November 21, 2008

Maku Alec

A little Maku Puppet of Alec. You can make your own here:

Very fun indeed.

Found via Megan's blog

And he's a Halloween version to make up for me not making a Halloween image.


[GRIEVLOCKE] said...

^_^;; ... ...
HI! I'm back from WoW after...a little over a week? It's taking all my willpower not to play right now, lol... I'm gonna go work on my projects now, like I should've been in the first place XD
also, yes, we are definitely hanging out.

Anonymous said...


Thought you might like to play the Game made by the Creators of Maku Puppet. It's free and called Puppet Guardian.

It's a fun and gentle MMORPG

Hope you like it!

Roxy Polk said...

that sounds like fun, thanks for the link I'll definitely check it out!