Wednesday, November 12, 2008



Julius Raleigh is the leader of the country of Nephris. He's in his early 50's and is a rather quiet man. He knows how to lead after watching his wife for so long. Since Nephris is a Matriarcal society he is only temporarily leading until his daughter comes of age and can succeed him.
His wife died giving birth to Ezekiel. He has three children who he values very much. Adele looks up to him a great deal, and despite the fact that she's not his real daughter she takes after him quite a lot. He has a good sense of justice and standing up for the little guy, and tends to value others before himself.
He's actually quite popular among his people. His foreign policies to stay neutral and not get involved with Dimasen has kept the country out of two wars. It seems that a much larger war is brewing in the shadows which he intends to shield his country from as well.

When I was creating Julius I knew that I wanted to have a strong leader and make him a family man. Unfortunately both of those things don't mix too well, but his kids are understanding, or in Alexander's case he doesn't really care. He actually has a rather interesting back story about how he meets his wife the previous Queen of Nephris. But I'm not sure when I'll be able to tell it. I had an idea about a journal being found or something, but we'll see.

As for his design, it hasn't really changed at all, I apologize about not having the old pictures to show :(. His suit is going to change however as I wanted to make some unique fashion for Nephris, and the different countries in general. The above is basically what the suit will look like.

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