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Galilee is the lifeblood of the Alto Airship. She's the mechanic and makes sure that everthing is running properly. She's also very aware of their money situation and doesn't let anyone spend money on anything they shouldn't especially because ship parts come first.
When I was creating her first off, I just wanted a flirty sort of girl character to bounce off of Adele, originally she liked Horace but there was just no reason for it. Her old design was terrible to say the least and I just didn't like her at all. When I re-imagined her she actually became a fleshed out character and was far more believable and I actually liked her.
Now she is someone who is still flirty, but not without reason, she's stylish but isn't afraid to get dirty and has a passion for the way that things and people work. She's looking for a rich guy in particular as well since she's spent so much of her life being poor, this is where the mix-up with Claus happens, she assumes that just because he's a doctor he's rich-so she ends up getting attached to him for that reason initially. She and Darcy have a sort of brother sister relationship, and she and Melena have a sort of sisterly relationship as well. She views Horace as a child- but he's still the captain and she'll follow him and his ship wherever they go. She's very smart and is often times underestimated. She has quite the temper too and occasionally hits others in a comical way when she's angry or frustrated.
Her family life was fairly simple, Her father was a great mechanic and she learned from him since she was a child. Her mother ran the storefront while her father worked in their repair shop. Horace and Melena found her soon after they had gotten the Alto from Melena's father because it had broken down. She ended up working on their ship and Horace offered her the job which she gladly took hoping for a life of adventure and traveling... little did she know what she was getting into...

Her basic coveralls design, she kinda just puts her hair up haphazardly when working on the engine using a bunch of clips. Most of the time the coveralls are well, covered in engine grease and such and never look this nice. I'm not exactly married to the colors on these however...

This was her initial re-design after I threw out the horrible old version. I hate the colors and the outfit wasn't completely working yet. Also her hair was kinda orange at first, but it's brown now.

And this is her final design, the colors and outfit design reflect her personality much better than the previous one. It's going to be fun to design different outfits for various arc for her since she's cute and likes fashion-unlike Adele who has absolutely no idea. But this is her default outfit.

And a purple version for fun!

Anyway, that's basically Galilee in a nutshell. She's one of the 4 original crew members of the Alto, and basically without her it wouldn't be up in the air.

I'm going to try and do this for Horace and Melena as well, but I think it may end up being a joint post for the both of them.

Also if you notice the layout template has changed and there is a top image now. I'm still not married to the layout so expect it to change often... I'll let you know when I have a final one.

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Francesca said...

YEAH! Galilee! I like her so much more now! I like that she's a brunette, too ^^. The diagram for her hair and the coveralls version are fun; I want to do more stuff like that. It's illustrative AND informative.